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Capital Of Iraq Meaning in Urdu

1. Capital Of Iraq - Bagdad - Baghdad : عراق کا دار الحکومت بغداد : (noun) capital and largest city of Iraq; located on the Tigris River.

National Capital - the capital city of a nation.

Useful Words

Capital - Working Capital : کام چلانے کے لیے سرمایہ : assets available for use in the production of further assets.

City - Metropolis - Urban Center : بڑی آبادی والا شہر : a large and densely populated urban area; may include several independent administrative districts. "I had gone to the city"

Al-Iraq - Irak - Iraq - Republic Of Iraq : عراق : a republic in the Middle East in western Asia; the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia was in the area now known as Iraq.

Located - Placed - Set - Situated : واقع : situated in a particular spot or position. "Valuable centrally located urban land"

River : دریا : a large natural stream of water (larger than a creek). "The river was navigable for 50 miles"