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1) Capital Of Italy, Eternal City, Italian Capital, Roma, Rome : اٹلی کا دارالحکومت : (noun) capital and largest city of Italy; on the Tiber; seat of the Roman Catholic Church; formerly the capital of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire.

Related : National Capital : the capital city of a nation.

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American Capital, Capital Of The United States, Washington, Washington D.C. : امریکی ریاست : the capital of the United States in the District of Columbia and a tourist mecca; George Washington commissioned Charles L`Enfant to lay out the city in 1791.

Belgian Capital, Brussels, Bruxelles, Capital Of Belgium : بیلجیم کا دارالحکومت : the capital and largest city of Belgium; seat of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

British Capital, Capital Of The United Kingdom, Greater London, London : لندن : the capital and largest city of England; located on the Thames in southeastern England; financial and industrial and cultural center. "Living in London has its own taste".

Bulgarian Capital, Serdica, Sofia : بلغاریا کا دارالحکومت : capital and largest city of Bulgaria located in western Bulgaria.

Capital : دارالحکومت : a center that is associated more than any other with some activity or product. "Many years ago the capital of pakistan was Karachi but now it is Islamabad".

Capital Cost, Cost Of Capital : اصل لاگت : the opportunity cost of the funds employed as the result of an investment decision; the rate of return that a business could earn if it chose another investment with equivalent risk.

Capital Of Afghanistan, Kabul : افغانستان کا دارالحکومت : the capital and largest city of Afghanistan; located in eastern Afghanistan. "At least 12 dead in Kabul suicide attack".

Capital Of Cuba, Cuban Capital, Havana : ہوانا کیوبا کا دارالحکومت : the capital and largest city of Cuba; located in western Cuba; one of the oldest cities in the Americas. "He used to live in Havana".

Addis Ababa, Capital Of Ethiopia, New Flower : حبشہ کا دارالحکومت : the capital of Ethiopia and the country`s largest city; located in central Ethiopia.

Capital Of Finland, Finnish Capital, Helsingfors, Helsinki : فنلینڈ کا دارلحکومت : the capital and largest city of Finland; located in southern Finland; a major port and commercial and cultural center.

Capital Of France, City Of Light, French Capital, Paris : پیرس : the capital and largest city of France; and international center of culture and commerce. "While living in Paris".

Atlanta, Capital Of Georgia : ایٹلانٹا : state capital and largest city of Georgia; chief commercial center of the southeastern United States; was plundered and burned by Sherman`s army during the American Civil War.

Accra, Capital Of Ghana : گھانا کا شہر : the capital and largest city of Ghana with a deep-water port.

Capital Of Guinea, Conakry, Konakri : گنی کا دارالحکومت : a port and the capital of Guinea.

Capital Of Hawaii, Hawaiian Capital, Honolulu : ہونو لولو شہر : the capital and largest city of Hawaii; located on a large bay on the island of Oahu.

Budapest, Capital Of Hungary, Hungarian Capital : ہنگری کا دارالحکومت : capital and largest city of Hungary; located on the Danube River in north-central Hungary.

Capital Of Indonesia, Djakarta, Jakarta : انڈونیشیا کا شہر : capital and largest city of Indonesia; located on the island of Java; founded by the Dutch in 17th century.

Bagdad, Baghdad, Capital Of Iraq : عراق کا دار الحکومت بغداد : capital and largest city of Iraq; located on the Tigris River. "Baghdad blast".

Capital Of Ireland, Dublin, Irish Capital : ڈبلن : capital and largest city and major port of the Irish Republic.

Capital Of Japan, Edo, Japanese Capital, Tokio, Tokyo, Yeddo, Yedo : جاپانی شہر ٹوکیو : the capital and largest city of Japan; the economic and cultural center of Japan.

Akmola, Astana, Capital Of Kazakhstan : آستانہ : remote city of Kazakhstan that (ostensibly for security reasons) was made the capital in 1998. "He used to live in Astana".

Capital Of Kenya, Nairobi : کینیا کا دارالحکومت : the capital and largest city of Kenya; a center for tourist safaris.

Capital Of Laos, Laotian Capital, Vientiane : لاؤس کا دارالحکومت : the capital and largest city of Laos.

Capital Of Libya, Tarabulus Al-Gharb, Tripoli : طرابلس : the capital and chief port and largest city of Libya; in northwestern Libya on the Mediterranean Sea; founded by the Phoenicians in the 7th century BC.

Bean Town, Beantown, Boston, Capital Of Massachusetts, Hub Of The Universe : بوسٹن : state capital and largest city of Massachusetts; a major center for banking and financial services. "Coming Boston was my compulsion".

Abuja, Capital Of Nigeria, Nigerian Capital : نائیجیریا کا دارالحکومت : capital of Nigeria in the center of the country.

Belfast, Capital Of Northern Ireland : بیل فاسٹ : capital and largest city of Northern Ireland; the center of Protestantism in Northern Ireland. "Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland".

Capital Of Pakistan, Islamabad : پاکستاں کا دارالخلافہ : the capital of Pakistan in the north on a plateau; the site was chosen in 1959.

Capital Of Syria, Damascus, Dimash : دمشق : an ancient city (widely regarded as the world`s oldest) and present capital and largest city of Syria; according to the New Testament, the Apostle Paul (then known as Saul) underwent a dramatic conversion on the road to Damascus. "My friend used to live in Dimash".

Capital Of The Russian Federation, Moscow, Russian Capital : روس کا دارالحکومت : a city of central European Russia; formerly capital of both the Soviet Union and Soviet Russia; since 1991 the capital of the Russian Federation. "Most billionaires live in Moscow".

Angora, Ankara, Capital Of Turkey, Turkish Capital : ترکی کا دارالحکومت : the capital of Turkey; located in west-central Turkey; it was formerly known as Angora and is the home of Angora goats. "He used to live in Ankara".

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