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Carbon Process meaning in Urdu

Carbon Process Definitions

1) Carbon Process : کاربنی طباعت : (noun) a process of printing on paper coated with bichromated gelatin containing pigment.


Useful Words

Breathing : تنفس , Carbon : کاربن کاغذ , Accouchement : بچہ جننا , Tumefaction : سوجن , Recall : یاد آنا , Afterdamp : دھماکے سے خارج ہونے والی , Gravure : چھپائی , Carbon : کاربن کاپی , Flimsy : ایک قسم کا پتلا چمکیلا کاغذ جو کاربن پیپر بنانے کے کام آتا ہے , Effluence : روانی , Evaporation : بخارات بنانے کا عمل , Advertence : چوکسی , Production : پیدا کاری کا عمل , Wastage : ضائع کرنے کا عمل , Dissolution : حل ہونے کا عمل , Inflow : اندرونی بہاوٴ , Ooze : رسنے کا عمل , Rigidification : غیر لچکدار , Desensitisation : حساسیت کم کرنے کا عمل , Made : بنایا ہوا , Materialisation : مادی وجود میں آنا , Uptake : استعمال , Cerebration : خیال , Product : تیار کردہ چیز , Audile : سماعت سے متعلق , Brake : رکاوٹ , Shrinkage : سکڑاوٴ , Aeration : ہوا لگانے کا عمل , At Last : بالآخر , Effervescence : ابال آنا , Expedite : تیزی لانا

Useful Words Definitions

Breathing: the bodily process of inhalation and exhalation; the process of taking in oxygen from inhaled air and releasing carbon dioxide by exhalation.

Carbon: a thin paper coated on one side with a dark waxy substance (often containing carbon); used to transfer characters from the original to an under sheet of paper.

Accouchement: the parturition process in human beings; having a baby; the process of giving birth to a child.

Tumefaction: the process of tumefying; the organic process whereby tissue becomes swollen by the accumulation of fluid within it.

Recall: the process of remembering (especially the process of recovering information by mental effort).

Afterdamp: a toxic mixture of gases (including carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and nitrogen) after an explosion of firedamp in a mine.

Gravure: a printing process that uses an etched or engraved plate; the plate is smeared with ink and wiped clean, then the ink left in the recesses makes the print.

Carbon: a copy made with carbon paper.

Flimsy: a thin strong lightweight translucent paper used especially for making carbon copies.

Effluence: the process of flowing out.

Evaporation: the process of becoming a vapor.

Advertence: the process of being heedful.

Production: the act or process of producing something.

Wastage: the process of wasting.

Dissolution: the process of going into solution.

Inflow: the process of flowing in.

Ooze: the process of seeping.

Rigidification: the process of becoming stiff or rigid.

Desensitisation: the process of reducing sensitivity.

Made: produced by a manufacturing process.

Materialisation: the process of coming into being; becoming reality.

Uptake: a process of taking up or using up or consuming.

Cerebration: the process of using your mind to consider something carefully.

Product: an artifact that has been created by someone or some process.

Audile: of or relating to the process of hearing.

Brake: anything that slows or hinders a process.

Shrinkage: process or result of becoming less or smaller.

Aeration: the process of exposing to air (so as to purify).

At Last: as the end result of a succession or process.

Effervescence: the process of bubbling as gas escapes.

Expedite: process fast and efficiently.

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