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Cardigan meaning in Urdu

Cardigan Definitions

1) Cardigan : وہ سویٹر جو سامنے سے بٹن وغیرہ سے بند کیا جاۓ : (noun) knitted jacket that is fastened up the front with buttons or a zipper.


Useful Words

Soutane : جبہ , Zip : زپ بند کرنا , Belt Bag : کمر بیگ , Knitwear : بنا ہوا لباس , Afghan : رلی , Jumper : قمیز نما , Button : بٹن ٹانکنا , Unbutton : بٹن کھولنا , Button : بٹن بند کرنا , Button Hole : بٹن کا کاج , Unattached : الگ , Fasten : جکڑا ہونا , Unbarred : کھلا ہوا , Attachable : جڑنے کے قابل , Frontal : دو بدو , Fettered : بیڑی , Cufflink : کلائی پٹی کا آرائشی بٹن , Tassel : جھالر , Pad : صفحات کا بنڈل , Bindable : باندھنے کے قابل , Sandal : سینڈل , Earring : کان کا زیور , Air Jacket : جان بچانے والی جیکٹ , Apple Nut : ایک قسم کا بیج , Rivet : دو نوکی کیل , Dolman : ایک قسم کی جیکٹ , Lumber Jacket : شہتیر کاٹنے یا اس کی نقل و حمل کرنے والا , Lounging Jacket : مردانہ جیکٹ , Black-Tie : جزوی طور پر رسمی , Vent : چننٹ , Eton Jacket : کمر تک کی چھوٹی جیکٹ

Useful Words Definitions

Soutane: a long cassock with buttons down the front; worn by Roman Catholic priests.

Zip: close with a zipper.

Belt Bag: a small pouch (usually with a zipper) that attaches to a belt and is worn around the waist.

Knitwear: knitted clothing.

Afghan: a blanket knitted or crocheted in strips or squares; sometimes used as a shawl.

Jumper: a crocheted or knitted garment covering the upper part of the body.

Button: provide with buttons.

Unbutton: undo the buttons of.

Button: fasten with buttons.

Button Hole: a hole through which buttons are pushed.

Unattached: not fastened together.

Fasten: become fixed or fastened.

Unbarred: not firmly fastened or secured.

Attachable: capable of being fastened or added to something else.

Frontal: meeting front to front.

Fettered: bound by chains fastened around the ankles.

Cufflink: jewelry consisting of one of a pair of linked buttons used to fasten the cuffs of a shirt.

Tassel: adornment consisting of a bunch of cords fastened at one end.

Pad: a number of sheets of paper fastened together along one edge.

Bindable: capable of being fastened or secured with a rope or bond.

Sandal: a shoe consisting of a sole fastened by straps to the foot.

Earring: jewelry to ornament the ear; usually clipped to the earlobe or fastened through a hole in the lobe.

Air Jacket: an inflatable life jacket.

Apple Nut: nutlike seed of a South American palm; the hard white shell takes a high polish and is used for e.g. buttons.

Rivet: heavy pin having a head at one end and the other end being hammered flat after being passed through holes in the pieces that are fastened together.

Dolman: a hussar`s jacket worn over the shoulders.

Lumber Jacket: a short warm outer jacket.

Lounging Jacket: a man's soft jacket usually with a tie belt; worn at home.

Black-Tie: moderately formal; requiring a dinner jacket.

Vent: a slit in a garment (as in the back seam of a jacket).

Eton Jacket: a jacket hanging to the waist and cut square at the bottom.

Related Words

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