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Carfare meaning in Urdu

Carfare Synonym

Carfare Definitions

1) Carfare, Bus Fare : سواری کا کرایہ : (noun) the fare charged for riding a bus or streetcar.


Useful Words

Airfare : ہوائی جہاز میں سفر کرنے کا کرایہ , Taximeter : کرایہ میٹر , Fare : سواری کا کرایہ , Motorman : ریل گاڑی چلانے والا , Horsecar : گھوڑا گاڑی , Xerography : روشنی اور بجلی کے ذریعے تصویر بنانا , Sailing : جہاز رانی , Bicycling : سائیکل سواری , Mount : سواری میں استعمال ہونے والا گہوڑا , Pillion Riding : ڈبل سواری , Horsemanship : گھڑ سواری , Cowboy : گھڑ سواری کا ماہر , Surfboard : موج تختہ , Bridle Path : گھڑ سواری کی سڑک , Houdah : ہاتھی پر بیٹھنے کی کرسی , Passenger : مسافر , Airedale Terrier : ایک قسم کا کتا , Newmarket : انیسویں صدی میں عورت یا مرد کا لمبا چست کوٹ , Horsey Set : گھوڑوں کے شوقین , Admission : داخلے کی فیس , Quayage : گھاٹ محصول , Agio : غیر ملکی زر مبادلہ کے لین دین کی فیس , Interest Rate : شرح سود , Truckage : کرایہ باربرداری , Lighterage : جہازوں پر مال لادنے اتارنے کی فیس , Charge : فیس , Toll Bridge : محصول پل , Financial Officer : خزانہ دار , Carbonated Water : پانی اور کاربن ڈائی آکسائیڈ پر مشتمل سوڈا واٹر , Manhunt : کسی ملزم کی تلاش , Effervescent : جوش سے بھرا

Useful Words Definitions

Airfare: the fare charged for traveling by airplane.

Taximeter: a meter in a taxi that registers the fare (based on the length of the ride).

Fare: the sum charged for riding in a public conveyance.

Motorman: the operator of streetcar.

Horsecar: an early form of streetcar that was drawn by horses.

Xerography: forming an image by the action of light on a specially coated charged plate; the latent image is developed with powders that adhere only to electrically charged areas.

Sailing: riding in a sailboat.

Bicycling: riding a bicycle.

Mount: a lightweight horse kept for riding only.

Pillion Riding: Two person riding on motorbike or horse etc.

Horsemanship: skill in handling and riding horses.

Cowboy: a performer who gives exhibitions of riding and roping and bulldogging.

Surfboard: a narrow buoyant board for riding surf.

Bridle Path: a path suitable for riding or leading horses (but not for cars).

Houdah: a (usually canopied) seat for riding on the back of a camel or elephant.

Passenger: a traveler riding in a vehicle (a boat or bus or car or plane or train etc) who is not operating it.

Airedale Terrier: A dog which is originated along the River Aire, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England. .

Newmarket: a long close-fitting coat worn for riding in the 19th century.

Horsey Set: a set of people sharing a devotion to horses and horseback riding and horse racing.

Admission: the fee charged for admission.

Quayage: a fee charged for the use of a wharf or quay.

Agio: a fee charged for exchanging currencies.

Interest Rate: the percentage of a sum of money charged for its use.

Truckage: a fee charged for transporting goods by truckage.

Lighterage: the fee charged for carrying goods in lighters.

Charge: the price charged for some article or service.

Toll Bridge: a bridge where toll is charged for crossing.

Financial Officer: an officer charged with receiving and disbursing funds.

Carbonated Water: effervescent beverage artificially charged with carbon dioxide.

Manhunt: an organized search (by police) for a person (charged with a crime).

Effervescent: used of wines and waters; charged naturally or artificially with carbon dioxide.

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