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Carotid meaning in Urdu

Carotid in Detail

1) Carotid : شہ رگ : (adjective) of or relating to either of the two major arteries supplying blood to the head and neck.

Useful Words

Common Carotid, Common Carotid Artery : دماغ کو خون پہنچانے والی دو اہم رگیں : runs upward in the neck and divides into the external and internal carotid arteries.

Arteria Subclavia, Subclavian Artery : ہنسلی کے نیچے بازو کی بڑی شریان : either of two arteries that supply blood to the neck and arms.

Jugular, Jugular Vein, Vena Jugularis : شہ رگ : veins in the neck that return blood from the head. "He died on the spot because his jugular vein was cut off".

Musculus Sternocleidomastoideus, Sternocleido Mastoideus, Sternocleidomastoid, Sternocleidomastoid Muscle : سٹریپ نما گردن کا عضلہ جو سٹرنم اور ہنسلی کی ہڈی سے نکل کر ٹمپورل ہڈی کے مسٹائڈ زائدہ میں لگا ہوتا ہے : one of two thick muscles running from the sternum and clavicle to the mastoid and occipital bone; turns head obliquely to the opposite side; when acting together they flex the neck and extend the head.

Heart Ventricle, Ventricle : دل کا خون وصول کرنے والا خانہ : a chamber of the heart that receives blood from an atrium and pumps it to the arteries. "There two kinds of heart ventricles".

Cephalalgia, Head Ache, Headache : سر درد : pain in the head caused by dilation of cerebral arteries or muscle contractions or a reaction to drugs. "He has headache for two days".

Aorta : شاہ رگ : the large trunk artery that carries blood from the left ventricle of the heart to branch arteries. "Aorta blood pressure".

Body, Torso, Trunk : دھڑ : the body excluding the head and neck and limbs. "He was shot in the torso and died the next day from his injuries".

Kerchief : سر اور کندھے ڈھانپنے کا رومال : a square scarf that is folded into a triangle and worn over the head or about the neck.

Scarf : دوپٹا : a garment worn around the head or neck or shoulders for warmth or decoration. "You should put on scarf".

Wimple : خواتین کا سر ڈھانپنے کا کپڑا : headdress of cloth; worn over the head and around the neck and ears by medieval women.

Hognose Snake, Puff Adder, Sand Viper : بے ضرر سانپ : harmless North American snake with upturned nose; may spread its head and neck or play dead when disturbed. "Hognose snake hisses and then plays dead".

Cervical : گردنی : relating to or associated with the neck. "I have been cervical pain".

Cancer Of The Blood, Leucaemia, Leukaemia, Leukemia : خون کا سرطان : malignant neoplasm of blood-forming tissues; characterized by abnormal proliferation of leukocytes; one of the four major types of cancer.

Splenius, Splenius Muscle : گردن کے قریب ایک چوڑا چپٹا پٹھا : either of two flat muscles that extend from the upper vertebrae to the base of the skull and serve to rotate or flex or extend the head and neck.

Haemal, Haematal, Hemal, Hematal : خون سے متعلق : relating to the blood vessels or blood.

Jugular : گردن یا حلق سے متعلق : relating to or located in the region of the neck or throat. "Jugular vein".

Cervical Pillow : گردن تکیہ : a pillow specially designed for neck adjustment or neck pain. "He used cervical pillow for neck pain".

Cephalic : سر کے متعلق : of or relating to the head. "Cephalic vein in cat".

Dermatomyositis : مختلف وجوہات کی بنا پر جلد اور پٹہوں کی شدید ترین سوزش : myositis characterized by weakness of limb and neck muscles and much muscle pain and swelling accompanied by skin rash affecting cheeks and eyelids and neck and chest and limbs; progression and severity vary among individuals.

Agranulocytic : خون کی خرابی سے متعلق : relating to the blood disorder of agranulocytosis.

Congestive : انجمادی : relating to or affected by an abnormal collection of blood or other fluid. "Congestive heart disease".

Hepatitis C : کالا یرقان درجہ سوم : a viral hepatitis clinically indistinguishable from hepatitis B but caused by a single-stranded RNA virus; usually transmitted by parenteral means (as injection of an illicit drug or blood transfusion or exposure to blood or blood products). "We need a hepatitis c vaccine".

Purveyance : مہیا کرنے کا عمل : the act of supplying something.

Refilling, Renewal, Replacement, Replenishment : بھرائی : filling again by supplying what has been used up.

Provision, Supply, Supplying : فراہمی : the activity of supplying or providing something.

Alimentation, Feeding : خوراک دینے کا عمل : the act of supplying food and nourishment.

Airing, Ventilation : ہوا دینے کا عمل : the act of supplying fresh air and getting rid of foul air.

Agglutination Test : خون کی جانچ : a blood test used to identify unknown antigens; blood with the unknown antigen is mixed with a known antibody and whether or not agglutination occurs helps to identify the antigen; used in tissue matching and blood grouping and diagnosis of infections.

Cabinet : کابینہ : persons appointed by a head of state to head executive departments of government and act as official advisers.

Irrigation : آب پاشی : supplying dry land with water by means of ditches etc.

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