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Caseworm meaning in Urdu

Caseworm Definitions

1) Caseworm : غلافی مگس : (noun) insect larva that constructs a protective case around its body.


Useful Words

Caddisworm : اناجی پودوں کو لگ جانے والا کیڑا , Pupa : کیڑوں کی تیسری تولیدی حالت , Lantern : لالٹین , Scale Insect : پودوں کو تباہ کرنے والے کیڑوں , Egg : انڈا , Cuticula : خول , Cutis : کھال , Moth : تتلی نما کیڑا جو اکثر رات کو نکلتا ہے , Crawl : رینگنا , Butterfly : تتلی , Complementary : تکمیلی رنگ , Mucous Secretion : بلغم , Mason Wasp : گارے سے اپنا گھر بنانے والا ایک چھوٹا پرندہ , Cat Scanner : تکونی اسکینز , Wiggler : مچھر کا لاروا , Mealworm : ایک قسم کا کیڑا , Grub : کیڑوں کا بچہ , Glowworm : جگنو , Maggot : مکھی کا بچہ , Caterpillar : سنڈی , Corn Earworm : مکئی کپاس اور ٹماٹر وں پر لگنے والی سنڈی , Jumping Bean : ایک قسم کی پھلی , Protectively : محفوظ طور پر , Ala : کیڑے کا پر , Sheathe : خنجر وغیرہ کو نیام میں ڈالنا , Shield : ڈھال , Dripstone : مہراب , Sheath : تلوار کا غلاف , Pellicle : پردہ , Cladding : حفاظتی تہ , Shelter : موسم وغیرہ سے حفاظت والی جگہ

Useful Words Definitions

Caddisworm: larva of the caddis fly; constructs a case of silk covered with sand or plant debris.

Pupa: an insect in the inactive stage of development (when it is not feeding) intermediate between larva and adult.

Lantern: light in a transparent protective case.

Scale Insect: small homopterous insect that usually lives and feeds on plants and secretes a protective waxy covering.

Egg: animal reproductive body consisting of an ovum or embryo together with nutritive and protective envelopes; especially the thin-shelled reproductive body laid by e.g. female birds.

Cuticula: the outer body wall of an insect.

Cutis: a natural protective body covering and site of the sense of touch.

Moth: typically crepuscular or nocturnal insect having a stout body and feathery or hairlike antennae.

Crawl: move slowly; in the case of people or animals with the body near the ground.

Butterfly: diurnal insect typically having a slender body with knobbed antennae and broad colorful wings.

Complementary: either one of two chromatic colors that when mixed together give white (in the case of lights) or grey (in the case of pigments).

Mucous Secretion: protective secretion of the mucus membranes; in the gut it lubricates the passage of food and protects the epithelial cells; in the nose and throat and lungs it can make it difficult for bacteria to penetrate the body through the epithelium.

Mason Wasp: solitary wasp that constructs nests of hardened mud or clay for the young.

Cat Scanner: a tomograph that constructs a 3-D model of an object by combining parallel planes.

Wiggler: larva of a mosquito.

Mealworm: the larva of beetles of the family Tenebrionidae.

Grub: a soft thick wormlike larva of certain beetles and other insects.

Glowworm: the luminous larva or wingless grub-like female of a firefly.

Maggot: the larva of the housefly and blowfly commonly found in decaying organic matter.

Caterpillar: a wormlike and often brightly colored and hairy or spiny larva of a butterfly or moth.

Corn Earworm: larva of a noctuid moth; highly destructive to especially corn and cotton and tomato crops.

Jumping Bean: seed of Mexican shrubs of the genus Sebastiana containing the larva of a moth whose movements cause the bean to jerk or tumble.

Protectively: in a protective manner.

Ala: a wing of an insect.

Sheathe: cover with a protective sheathing.

Shield: a protective covering or structure.

Dripstone: a protective drip that is made of stone.

Sheath: a protective covering (as for a knife or sword).

Pellicle: thin protective membrane in some protozoa.

Cladding: a protective covering that protects the outside of a building.

Shelter: protective covering that provides protection from the weather.

Related Words

Larva : کیڑے کا بچہ

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