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Casual meaning in Urdu

Casual Sentences

A casual (or cursory) inspection failed to reveal the house`s structural flaws.
A casual remark.

Casual Synonyms


Casual Definitions

1 of 6) Casual : اتفاقیہ : (satellite adjective) without or seeming to be without plan or method; offhand.

Information collected by casual methods and in their spare time.

2 of 6) Casual, Daily, Everyday : عام, روزانہ کے, روز : (satellite adjective) appropriate for ordinary or routine occasions.

Casual clothes.

3 of 6) Casual, Chance : اتفاقی : (satellite adjective) occurring or appearing or singled out by chance.

Seek help from casual passers-by.
A casual meeting.

4 of 6) Casual, Cursory, Passing, Perfunctory : برائے نام, سرسری, لاپروا : (satellite adjective) hasty and without attention to detail; not thorough.

5 of 6) Casual, Occasional : وقتی, غیر مستقل : (satellite adjective) occurring from time to time.

Casual employment.
A casual correspondence with a former teacher.

6 of 6) Casual, Effortless : بنا جدوجہد, بنا دقت : (satellite adjective) not showing effort or strain.

A difficult feat performed with casual mastery.

Useful Words

Incident : ذیلی , Encounter : اتفاقیہ ملاقات , Flip : گستاخ , Slacks : ایک قسم کی پتلون , Activewear : کھلاڑیوں کا لباس , Tootle : بجانا , Polo Shirt : ایک غیر رسمی قمیض , Indifference : عدم دلچسپی , Blue Jean : جین کی پتلون , Speculate : قیاس آرائی کرنا , Fancy : تصور , Random : اتفاقی , Accomplice : ساتھی , Vernacular : بازاری زبان , Maybe : شاید , Day Laborer : روز کی تنخواہ پر کام کرنے والا مزدور , Druthers : پسندیدگی , Hit : اتفاق سے ملنا , Chance : اتفاق ہونا , Say : کہنے کا موقع , Odds-On : روشن امکان , Aleatory : اتفاقی , Haphazard : اتفاقی , Accident : ناگہانی , Throw : باری , Adventitious : اتفاقی , Lottery : قسمت آزمائی کا کھیل , Sidereal : ستاروں کے ذریعے متعین ہونے والا , Diary : روز لکھے جانے والی ڈائری , Maladjusted : بے ترتیب , Accidental : حادثاتی

Useful Words Definitions

Incident: (sometimes followed by `to') minor or casual or subordinate in significance or nature or occurring as a chance concomitant or consequence.

Encounter: a casual or unexpected convergence.

Flip: marked by casual disrespect.

Slacks: (usually in the plural) pants for casual wear.

Activewear: attire worn for sport or for casual wear.

Tootle: the sound of casual playing on a musical instrument.

Polo Shirt: a shirt with short sleeves designed for comfort and casual wear.

Indifference: the trait of remaining calm and seeming not to care; a casual lack of concern.

Blue Jean: (usually plural) close-fitting trousers of heavy denim for manual work or casual wear.

Speculate: talk over conjecturally, or review in an idle or casual way and with an element of doubt or without sufficient reason to reach a conclusion.

Fancy: a kind of imagination that was held by Coleridge to be more casual and superficial than true imagination.

Random: lacking any definite plan or order or purpose; governed by or depending on chance.

Accomplice: a person who joins with another in carrying out some plan (especially an unethical or illegal plan).

Vernacular: the everyday speech of the people (as distinguished from literary language).

Maybe: by chance.

Day Laborer: a laborer who works by the day; for daily wages.

Druthers: the right or chance to choose.

Hit: encounter by chance.

Chance: be the case by chance.

Say: the chance to speak.

Odds-On: having a better than even chance of success.

Aleatory: dependent on chance.

Haphazard: dependent upon or characterized by chance.

Accident: anything that happens suddenly or by chance without an apparent cause.

Throw: a single chance or instance.

Adventitious: associated by chance and not an integral part.

Lottery: something that is regarded as a chance event.

Sidereal: (of divisions of time) determined by daily motion of the stars.

Diary: a daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations.

Maladjusted: poorly adjusted to demands and stresses of daily living.

Accidental: happening by chance or unexpectedly or unintentionally.

Related Words

Careless : لا پروا , Easy : آسان , Informal : غیر رسمی

Casual in Book Titles

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