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Catholicity 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

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1. کیتہولک عیسائیت Catholic Esaiyat : Catholicism, Catholicity : (noun) the beliefs and practices of a Catholic Church.

Related : Christianity : a monotheistic system of beliefs and practices based on the Old Testament and the teachings of Jesus as embodied in the New Testament and emphasizing the role of Jesus as savior. Romanism : the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church based in Rome.

2. کلیت Kulliat, ہمہ گیریت Hamah Giriat : Universality, Catholicity : (noun) the quality of being universal; existing everywhere.

Useful Words

Belief : عقیدہ Aqeedah : any cognitive content held as true.

Catholic : کیتہولک عیسائیت کا Catholic Esaiyat Ka : of or relating to or supporting Catholicism. "The Catholic Church"

Church - Church Building : عیسائیوں کی عبادت گاہ Esaiyoun Ki Ebadat Gah : a place for public (especially Christian) worship. "The church was empty"

All Over - Everyplace - Everywhere : ہر جگہ Har Jaga : to or in any or all places. "You find fast food stores everywhere"

Existent - Existing : موجودہ Mojuda : having existence or being or actuality. "An attempt to refine the existent machinery to make it more efficient"

Practice - Practise - Rehearse : مشق کرنا Mashq Karna : engage in a rehearsal (of). "He kept his practice on"

Character - Lineament - Quality : خوبی Khobi : a characteristic property that defines the apparent individual nature of something. "What quality does it possess ?"

Cosmopolitan - Ecumenical - General - Oecumenical - Universal - World-Wide - Worldwide : دنیا جہاں کا Dunia Jahan Ka : of worldwide scope or applicability. "An issue of cosmopolitan import"

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