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Center 🔊 Meaning in Urdu

Center Sentences

It is in the center of town.
Her entire attention centered on her children.

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1 of 8) Center : مرکزی علاقہ Markazi Alaqa : (noun) an area that is approximately central within some larger region.

Urdu Synonym(s) : مرکز Markaz

English Synonym(s) : Centre Eye Heart Middle

Related : Country Hub

3 of 8) Center : بیچ Beach : equally distant from the extremes.

Urdu Synonym(s) : درمیان Darmiyan وسط Wast

English Synonym(s) : Halfway Middle Midway

Related : Central

4 of 8) Center : توجہ دینا Tawaja Dena : (verb) direct one`s attention on something.

Urdu Synonym(s) : توجہ مرکوز کرنا Tawaja Markooz Karna

English Synonym(s) : Centre Concentrate Focus Pore Rivet

Related : Steep Think Zoom In

5 of 8) Center : روح Rooh : (noun) the choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience.

English Synonym(s) : Centre Core Essence Gist Heart Heart And Soul Inwardness Kernel Marrow Meat Nitty-Gritty Nub Pith Substance Sum

6 of 8) Center : مرکز اعصاب؛ عصبی مرکز؛ خلیوں کا مجموعہ Markaz E Aasab Asbi Markaz Khuliun Ka Majmua : (noun) a cluster of nerve cells governing a specific bodily process.

In most people the speech center is in the left hemisphere.

English Synonym(s) : Centre Nerve Center Nerve Centre

7 of 8) Center : مرکز Markaz : (noun) a place where some particular activity is concentrated.

They received messages from several centers.

English Synonym(s) : Centre

Related : Property Nerve Centre Capital

8 of 8) Center : چوک Chwok : (noun) mercantile establishment consisting of a carefully landscaped complex of shops representing leading merchandisers; usually includes restaurants and a convenient parking area; a modern version of the traditional marketplace.

Urdu Synonym(s) : مال Maal جیسے شاپنگ مال Jesay Shapping Maal

English Synonym(s) : Mall Plaza Shopping Center Shopping Centre Shopping Mall

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Useful Words

About Approximately Around Close To Just About More Or Less Or So Roughly Some : تقریباً Taqreeban : (of quantities) imprecise but fairly close to correct. "My clothes were not ironed due to lack of electricity I will be there by eight o`clock approximately"

Area Country : علاقہ Alaqa : a particular geographical region of indefinite boundary (usually serving some special purpose or distinguished by its people or culture or geography). "It was a mountainous area"

Cardinal Central Fundamental Key Primal : اہم Eham : serving as an essential component. "A cardinal rule"

Bigger Larger : زیادہ بڑا Zyada Bara : large or big relative to something else. "This one is bigger"

Part Region : علاقہ Alaqa : the extended spatial location of something. "The farming regions of France"

Some : تھوڑا Thora : relatively much but unspecified in amount or extent. "May I have some words with you?"

Inside Within : اندر Andar : on the inside. "Inside, the car is a mess"