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چَڑھائی : Chadhai Meaning in English

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1 of 7) چڑھائی حملہ دشمن کا حملہ : Incursion : (noun) the act of entering some territory or domain (often in large numbers).

Related : Ingress : the act of entering.


2 of 7) چڑھائی : Rise Rising Slope Upgrade : (noun) the property possessed by a slope or surface that rises.

Related : Grade : the gradient of a slope or road or other surface.

3 of 7) چڑھائی چڑھاو : Climb Climbing Mounting : (noun) an event that involves rising to a higher point (as in altitude or temperature or intensity etc.).

Related : Rising : a movement upward.

4 of 7) چڑھائی : Acclivity Ascent Climb Raise Rise Upgrade : (noun) an upward slope or grade (as in a road).

Related : Slope : an elevated geological formation. Uphill : the upward slope of a hill.

5 of 7) چڑھائی : Irruption : (noun) a sudden violent entrance; a bursting in.

Related : Ingress : the act of entering.

6 of 7) چڑھائی : Acclivitous Rising Uphill : (satellite adjective) sloping upward.

Related : Ascending : moving or going or growing upward.

7 of 7) چڑھائی حملہ : Invasion : (noun) the act of invading; the act of an army that invades for conquest or plunder.

Related : Inroad : an invasion or hostile attack.

Useful Words

داخلہ : Entering, Entrance, Entry, Incoming, Ingress : the act of entering. "She made a grand entrance".

آر پار داخل ہونے کا عمل : Penetration : the act of entering into or through something. "The penetration of upper management by women".

روکنا : Bar, Debar, Exclude : prevent from entering; keep out. "He was barred from membership in the club".

روکنا : Block Out, Screen : prevent from entering. "Block out the strong sunlight".

راستہ : Access, Approach : a way of entering or leaving. "He took a wrong turn on the access to the bridge".

رسائی : Access : the act of approaching or entering. "He gained access to the building".

داخل نہ ہونے دینا : Exclude, Keep Out, Shut, Shut Out : prevent from entering; shut out. "The trees were shutting out all sunlight".

ہم دردی : Empathy : understanding and entering into another`s feelings.

دروازے پر رکھنے کی چٹائی پاوٴں صاف کرنے کے لئے : Doormat, Welcome Mat : a mat placed outside an exterior door for wiping the shoes before entering.

آب دوز کا مینار : Conning Tower : a raised bridge on a submarine; often used for entering and exiting.

تصادم : Impact, Shock : the violent interaction of individuals or groups entering into combat. "The armies met in the shock of battle".

مرغابی غوطہ : Swallow Dive, Swan Dive : a dive in which the diver arches the back with arms outstretched before entering the water.

چوری : Burglary : entering a building unlawfully with intent to commit a felony or to steal valuable property.

دوشاخہ : Delta : a low triangular area of alluvial deposits where a river divides before entering a larger body of water. "The Mississippi River delta".

مزدوروں کے مطالبات نہ مانتے ہوئے ان کو سبق سکھانے کے لئے تالا بندی کرنا : Lockout : a management action resisting employee's demands; employees are barred from entering the workplace until they agree to terms.

دربان : Concierge : a French caretaker of apartments or a hotel; lives on the premises and oversees people entering and leaving and handles mail and acts as janitor or porter.

جماعت : Home Room, Homeroom : a classroom in which all students in a particular grade (or in a division of a grade) meet at certain times under the supervision of a teacher who takes attendance and does other administrative business.

بڑی تعداد میں ہلاک کرنا : Annihilate, Carry Off, Decimate, Eliminate, Eradicate, Extinguish, Wipe Out : kill in large numbers. "The plague wiped out an entire population".

بڑی تعداد میں نکلنا : Pour, Pullulate, Stream, Swarm, Teem : move in large numbers. "People were pouring out of the theater".

کتاب اعمال عہدنامہ جدید : Acts, Acts Of The Apostles : a New Testament book describing the development of the early church from Christ`s Ascension to Paul`s sojourn at Rome. "Acts of the apostles book should be checked".

چڑھنا : Escalade : climb up and over. "They had to escalade canyons to reach their destination".

مشکل چڑھائی : Clamber : an awkward climb. "Reaching the crest was a real clamber".

سلطنت : Kingdom, Land, Realm : a domain in which something is dominant. "So the time is not far when there will be kingdom of Muslims all over the world".

اوپر چڑھنے والی ایک بیل : Scandent : used especially of plants; having a tendency to climb. "Plants of a creeping or scandent nature".

اناڑی پن سے چڑھنا : Clamber, Scramble, Shin, Shinny, Skin, Sputter, Struggle : climb awkwardly, as if by scrambling.

بلند ہونا : Chandelle : climb suddenly and steeply. "The airplane chandelled".

کسی سلطنت پر امیر کی حکمرانی : Emirate : the domain controlled by an emir.

وہ علاقہ جس پر شیخ کی حکومت ہو : Sheikdom, Sheikhdom : the domain ruled by a sheik.

محفوظ رکھنا : Preserve : a domain that seems to be specially reserved for someone. "Medicine is no longer a male preserve".

جاگیر : Duchy, Dukedom : the domain controlled by a duke or duchess.

بادشاہت : Kingdom, Realm : the domain ruled by a king or queen.

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