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Channukah Meaning in Urdu

1. Channukah - Channukkah - Chanukah - Chanukkah - Feast Of Dedication - Feast Of Lights - Feast Of The Dedication - Festival Of Lights - Hannukah - Hanukah - Hanukkah : یہودیوں کا کا تہوار جو آٹھ دن رہتا ہے : (noun) (Judaism) an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem in 165 BC.

Useful Words

B.C. - Bc - Before Christ : قبل مسیح : before the Christian era; used following dates before the supposed year Christ was born. "In 200 BC"

Commemorating - Commemorative : یادگار : intended as a commemoration. "A commemorative plaque"

24-Hour Interval - Day - Mean Solar Day - Solar Day - Twenty-Four Hour Period - Twenty-Four Hours : دن : time for Earth to make a complete rotation on its axis. "Where have you been for so many days?"

8 - Eight - Eighter - Eighter From Decatur - Octad - Octet - Octonary - Ogdoad - Viii : آٹھ : the cardinal number that is the sum of seven and one. "She is 8 and a half"

Holiday - Vacation : چھٹی کرنا : spend or take a vacation.

Jewish - Judaic : یہودی : of or relating to Jews or their culture or religion. "He is Jewish"

Hebraism - Jewish Religion - Judaism : یہودیت : Jews collectively who practice a religion based on the Torah and the Talmud.

Rededication : وقف کرنا : a new dedication. "The rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem"

Temple : مندر : place of worship consisting of an edifice for the worship of a deity.

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