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چربی سے متعلق : Charbi Se Mutaliq Meaning in English

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1) Stearic : چربی سے متعلق : (adjective) of or relating to or composed of fat.

Useful Words

موٹا : Avoirdupois, Blubber, Fat, Fatness : excess bodily weight. "You have got fat"

چربی کا بافت : Adipose Tissue, Fat, Fatty Tissue : a kind of body tissue containing stored fat that serves as a source of energy; it also cushions and insulates vital organs. "Fatty tissue protected them from the severe cold"

چربی : Fat : a soft greasy substance occurring in organic tissue and consisting of a mixture of lipids (mostly triglycerides). "Pizza has too much fat"

موٹا کرنا : Fat, Fatten, Fatten Out, Fatten Up, Fill Out, Flesh Out, Plump, Plump Out : make fat or plump. "We will plump out that poor starving child"

پر سکون : Composed : serenely self-possessed and free from agitation especially in times of stress. "The performer seemed completely composed as she stepped onto the stage"

زر خیز : Fat, Fertile, Productive, Rich : marked by great fruitfulness. "Fertile farmland"

عمدہ : Fat, Juicy : lucrative. "A juicy contract"

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