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کیتھولک مثل اینگلیکن چرچ : Chatholic Masl Englin Charch Meaning in English

Chatholic Masl Englin Charch in Detail

1) کیتھولک مثل اینگلیکن چرچ : High Anglican Church High Church : (noun) a group in the Anglican Church that emphasizes the Catholic tradition (especially in sacraments and rituals and obedience to church authority).


Useful Words

کلیسائے انگلستان : Anglican Church , رومی کیتہولک عیسائی فرقہ : Church Of Rome , عیسائیوں کی عبادت گاہ : Church , وہ شخص جو گرجا میں عبادت کرنے کے لیے اکثر جاتا ہے : Church Member , مسلک : Church Doctrine , مسیحی عبادت کے گرجا گھر : Church Bench , پیرش اسکول : Church School , روایت : Tradition , فرما نبرداری : Obedience , اجازت : Authorisation , حاکم : Arbiter , لوکل حکومت : Local Authority , کیتہولک عیسائیت کا : Catholic , رومن کیتھولک پادری : Bishop Of Rome , رومن کیتھولک : Papist , یونانی کیتہولک کا رکن : Greek Catholic , خون کا گروپ : Ab , ہم عمر لوگوں کا گروپ : Age Bracket , قبیلہ : Clan , خون کا گروپ اے : A , ایک ساتھ : As A Group , گروہ بنانا : Aggroup , انسانی خون کی چار مختلف اقسام : Abo Blood Group System , ہوا بازوں کا گروہ : Air Group , قدرتی تیزاب : Acetyl , استبدالی گروہ : Abelian Group , اجلاس : Group Meeting , خون کا گروپ : Blood Group , ممتاز اشخاص : Elite , جانوروں اور پودوں کا گروپ : Biological Group , ٹوٹا ہوا گروہ : Splinter Group

Useful Words Definitions

Anglican Church: the national church of England (and all other churches in other countries that share its beliefs); has its see in Canterbury and the sovereign as its temporal head.

Church Of Rome: the Christian Church based in the Vatican and presided over by a pope and an episcopal hierarchy.

Church: a place for public (especially Christian) worship.

Church Member: a religious person who goes to church regularly.

Church Doctrine: the written body of teachings of a religious group that are generally accepted by that group.

Church Bench: long bench with backs; used in church by the congregation.

Church School: a private religious school run by a church or parish.

Tradition: an inherited pattern of thought or action.

Obedience: the act of obeying; dutiful or submissive behavior with respect to another person.

Authorisation: official permission or approval.

Arbiter: someone with the power to settle matters at will.

Local Authority: an administrative unit of local government.

Catholic: of or relating to or supporting Catholicism.

Bishop Of Rome: the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

Papist: of or relating to or supporting Romanism.

Greek Catholic: a member of the Greek Orthodox Church.

Ab: the blood group whose red cells carry both the A and B antigens.

Age Bracket: a group of people having approximately the same age.

Clan: group of people related by blood or marriage.

A: the blood group whose red cells carry the A antigen.

As A Group: all together.

Aggroup: form a group or group together.

Abo Blood Group System: a classification system for the antigens of human blood; used in blood transfusion therapy; four groups are A and B and AB and O.

Air Group: a unit of the United States Air Force larger than a squadron and smaller than a wing.

Acetyl: the organic group of acetic acid (CH3CO-).

Abelian Group: a group that satisfies the commutative law.

Group Meeting: a formally arranged gathering.

Blood Group: human blood cells (usually just the red blood cells) that have the same antigens.

Elite: a group or class of persons enjoying superior intellectual or social or economic status.

Biological Group: a group of plants or animals.

Splinter Group: a faction or sect that has broken away from its parent organization.

Related Words

گروہ : Religious Order

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