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Checker Board Meaning in Urdu

1. Checker Board - Checkerboard : بساط : (noun) a board having 64 squares of two alternating colors.

Chess, Chess Game - a board game for two players who move their 16 pieces according to specific rules; the object is to checkmate the opponent`s king.

Useful Words

64 - Lxiv - Sixty-Four : چوسٹھ : being four more than sixty.

Alternate - Alternating : باری باری : occurring by turns; first one and then the other. "Alternating feelings of love and hate"

Board : نگراں کمیٹی : a committee having supervisory powers. "The board has seven members"

Color - Coloring - Colour - Colouring : رنگ : a visual attribute of things that results from the light they emit or transmit or reflect. "A white color is made up of many different wavelengths of light"

Foursquare - Square : مربع : (geometry) a plane rectangle with four equal sides and four right angles; a four-sided regular polygon. "You can compute the area of a square if you know the length of its sides"

2 - Deuce - Ii - Two : دو : the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one or a numeral representing this number. "It takes two to make a quarrel"

ضد چھوڑ دو