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Chewable Meaning in Urdu

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Chewable in Detail

1. چبنے والا Chabnay Wala : Cuttable, Chewable : easy to cut or chew.

Related : Tender : easy to cut or chew.

Chewable in Book Titles

The Case of the Chewable Worms.
Development and Quality Evaluation of Chewable Honey Tablet.

Useful Words

Chew - Jaw - Manducate - Masticate : چبانا Chabana : chew (food); to bite and grind with the teeth. "He jawed his bubble gum"

Cut : کاٹنا Katna : separate with or as if with an instrument. "Cut to the chase or get out"

Easy : آسان Aasan : posing no difficulty; requiring little effort. "It`s not to easy to get the work done"