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Chirchirapan Pan : چڑچڑا پن

1. Crabbedness, Crabbiness, Crossness : چڑچڑا پن : (noun) a disposition to be ill-tempered.

2. Contrariness, Crankiness, Crotchetiness, Grumpiness : خبط - بد مزاجی - بدمزاجی : (noun) a fussy and eccentric disposition.

3. Biliousness, Irritability, Peevishness, Pettishness, Snappishness, Surliness, Temper : چڑچڑا پن - بد مزاجی : (noun) a disposition to exhibit uncontrolled anger.

4. Bad Temper, Ill Temper : چڑچڑا پن : (noun) a persisting angry mood.

5. Disquietude, Edginess, Inquietude, Uneasiness : بے تابی - بے چینی - چڑچڑا پن : (noun) feelings of anxiety that make you tense and irritable.

6. Choler, Crossness, Fretfulness, Fussiness, Irritability, Peevishness, Petulance : غصہ - طیش - چڑچڑا پن : (noun) an irritable petulant feeling.

Mizaj : Disposition : your usual mood. "He has good temperament"

Fitrat : Disposition : a natural or acquired habit or characteristic tendency in a person or thing. "A swelling with a disposition to rupture"

Ragbat, Rujhan : Disposition : an attitude of mind especially one that favors one alternative over others. "He had an inclination to give up too easily"

Alalat : Ill : an often persistent bodily disorder or disease; a cause for complaining.

Aleel : Ill : affected by an impairment of normal physical or mental function. "If she hadn`t been sick"

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