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چھُو کَر محسُوس کَرنے کے قابَل : Cho Kar Mehsoos Karnay Kay Qabil Meaning in English

Cho Kar Mehsoos Karnay Kay Qabil in Sentences

Skin with a tangible roughness.
Tangible property like real estate.

Cho Kar Mehsoos Karnay Kay Qabil in Detail

1) چھو کر محسوس کرنے کے قابل : Palpable Tangible : (adjective) capable of being perceived; especially capable of being handled or touched or felt.


Useful Words

قابل توجہ : Noticeable , قابل ادراک : Perceptible , محسوس ہونے کے قابل : Perceivable , حقیقی : Concrete , درد : Rawness , نقصان پہنچانے والا کمپیوٹر پروگرام : Computer Virus , سمٹ جانے والا : Retractile , قابل استعمال : Usable , سدھارے جانے کے قابل : Reclaimable , گرم ہونے والا : Heatable , قابل تخصیص : Specifiable , قابل توجہ : Cognisable , قابل اظہار : Describable , ناقابل استعمال : Unserviceable , جوڑے جانے یا ملائے جانے کے قابل : Associable , تقسیم ہونے والا : Clastic , اگانے کے قابل : Fertile , گھوم سکنے والا : Rotatable , قابل ترک : Omissible , خار دار : Barbed , قابل تجزیہ : Analyzable , قابل تسلیم : Acknowledgeable , قریب القیاس : Cogitable , بیان کے قابل : Addressable , دوبارہ پیدا کی جا سکنے والی : Consistent , لازم و ملزوم : Inseparable , قابل حکومت : Controllable , چڑھنے کے قابل : Ascendable , قابل محو : Effaceable , قابل رسائی : Accessible , جلنے یا جلانے کے قابل : Burnable

Useful Words Definitions

Noticeable: capable or worthy of being perceived.

Perceptible: capable of being perceived by the mind or senses.

Perceivable: capable of being perceived especially by sight or hearing.

Concrete: capable of being perceived by the senses; not abstract or imaginary.

Rawness: a pain that is felt (as when the area is touched).

Computer Virus: a software program capable of reproducing itself and usually capable of causing great harm to files or other programs on the same computer.

Retractile: capable of retraction; capable of being drawn back.

Usable: capable of being put to use.

Reclaimable: capable of being used again.

Heatable: capable of becoming hot.

Specifiable: capable of being specified.

Cognisable: capable of being known.

Describable: capable of being described.

Unserviceable: not capable of being used.

Associable: capable of being associated.

Clastic: capable of being taken apart.

Fertile: capable of reproducing.

Rotatable: capable of being rotated.

Omissible: capable of being left out.

Barbed: capable of wounding.

Analyzable: capable of being partitioned.

Acknowledgeable: capable of being acknowledged.

Cogitable: capable of being thought about.

Addressable: capable of being addressed.

Consistent: capable of being reproduced.

Inseparable: not capable of being separated.

Controllable: capable of being controlled.

Ascendable: capable of being ascended.

Effaceable: capable of being effaced.

Accessible: capable of being reached.

Burnable: capable of burning.

Close Words

چوکر گندم کا چھلکا : Choker , چھوٹی باتوں پر جھگڑنا : Bicker , چوٹی کی گرہ : Topknot , چودھری : Chief , کولیسٹرول کا ٹیسٹ : Lipid Profile , چھوٹا سا بچہ : Bambino , چھوٹا سا گلاس : Jigger , چھونا : Touch , چھوڑ دینا : Abandon , چھوڑ دینا : Cease , چھو منتر : Charm

Close Words Definitions

Choker: wheat bran feed for cows and livestock.

Bicker: argue over petty things.

Topknot: headdress consisting of a decorative ribbon or bow worn in the hair.

Chief: the head of a tribe or clan.

Lipid Profile: A lipid profile, also known as a lipid panel or lipid profile test, is a blood test that measures various types of lipids (fats) in the bloodstream. It provides important information about a person`s cholesterol levels and other lipid-related factors, which are significant indicators of cardiovascular health..

Bambino: a young child.

Jigger: a small glass adequate to hold a single swallow of whiskey.

Touch: make physical contact with, come in contact with.

Abandon: leave someone who needs or counts on you; leave in the lurch.

Cease: put an end to a state or an activity.

Charm: a verbal formula believed to have magical force.

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