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چھونا : Chona Meaning in English

Chona Sentences


Chona in Detail

1 of 2) چھونا : Touch : (verb) make physical contact with, come in contact with.

2 of 2) چھونا جڑا ہونا : Adjoin Contact Meet Touch : (verb) be in direct physical contact with; make contact.

Useful Words

منسلک ہونا : Attach , ٹکرانا : Collide With , اکٹھے : Together , الگ تھلگ : Antisocial , جوڑنا : Conjoin , آلودہ : Contaminated , ہوا سے خشک کیا ہوا : Air-Dried , سامنا : Brush , الگ کرنا : Off , چھوت کی بیماری : Contagion , اتصال : Abutment , آنکھوں میں آنکھیں ڈال کر : Eye Contact , آمنے سامنے : Face To Face , چبھن : Flick , آلودہ کرنے والا : Contaminative , چھونے والا : Toucher , پھسلنا : Coast , رابطہ کرنا : Communicate , زہریلی گیس : Poison Gas , کرکٹ میں گیند کو پھرتی سے لگائی گئی ضرب : Snick , چپکا ہوا ہونا : Adhere , عجلت میں دفاع : Hasty Defence , برقیرہ : Electrode , چھوت والی بیماری : Atopic Allergy , شورٹ سرکٹ : Short , مماسیت : Tangency , تار پیڈو : Torpedo , بلاہت متبادرہ : Dementia Praecox , بارودی سرنگ : Mine , ایک قسم کا درخت : Nettle , جوتے کا تلا : Outsole

Useful Words Definitions

Attach: be attached; be in contact with.

Collide With: hit against; come into sudden contact with.

Together: in contact with each other or in proximity.

Antisocial: shunning contact with others.

Conjoin: make contact or come together.

Contaminated: corrupted by contact or association.

Air-Dried: made dry by contact with unheated air.

Brush: contact with something dangerous or undesirable.

Off: no longer on or in contact or attached.

Contagion: any disease easily transmitted by contact.

Abutment: point of contact between two objects or parts.

Eye Contact: contact that occurs when two people look directly at each other.

Face To Face: involving close contact; confronting each other.

Flick: a light sharp contact (usually with something flexible).

Contaminative: making impure by contact or mixing.

Toucher: a person who causes or allows a part of the body to come in contact with someone or something.

Coast: the act of moving smoothly along a surface while remaining in contact with it.

Communicate: be in verbal contact; interchange information or ideas.

Poison Gas: a gas that is poisonous to breath or contact; used in chemical warfare.

Snick: a glancing contact with the ball off the edge of the cricket bat.

Adhere: come or be in close contact with; stick or hold together and resist separation.

Hasty Defence: a defense organized while in contact with the enemy or when time is limited.

Electrode: a conductor used to make electrical contact with some part of a circuit.

Atopic Allergy: an allergic reaction that becomes apparent in a sensitized person only minutes after contact.

Short: accidental contact between two points in an electric circuit that have a potential difference.

Tangency: the state of being tangent; having contact at a single point or along a line without crossing.

Torpedo: armament consisting of a long cylindrical self-propelled underwater projectile that detonates on contact with a target.

Dementia Praecox: any of several psychotic disorders characterized by distortions of reality and disturbances of thought and language and withdrawal from social contact.

Mine: explosive device that explodes on contact; designed to destroy vehicles or ships or to kill or maim personnel.

Nettle: any of numerous plants having stinging hairs that cause skin irritation on contact (especially of the genus Urtica or family Urticaceae).

Outsole: the outer sole of a shoe or boot that is the bottom of the shoe and makes contact with the ground.

Related Words

پکڑ لینا : Pick Up , بٹن دبانا : Hit , انگلی سے محسوس کرنا : Finger , جسم کو جانچنا : Feel , ہاتھ سے پکڑنا : Handle , ہاتھ پھیرنا : Stroke , اکھڑنا : Chafe , چست ہونا : Hug , متصل ہونا : Abut , گھرا ہونا : Border , ٹیک لگانا : Lean Against , ملنا : Converge

Close Words

چھونے کا احساس : Feeling , چونے کا پتھر : Limestone , چونے کا پانی : Limewater , چونے جیسا سفید : Chalky

Close Words Definitions

Feeling: the sensation produced by pressure receptors in the skin.

Limestone: a sedimentary rock consisting mainly of calcium that was deposited by the remains of marine animals.

Limewater: solution of calcium hydroxide in water used as an antacid.

Chalky: of something having the color of chalk.

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