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چھوٹی غَلَطی : Choti Ghalti Meaning in English

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Choti Ghalti in Detail

1) چھوٹی غلطی زبانی غلطی : Miscue Parapraxis Slip Slip-Up : (noun) a minor inadvertent mistake usually observed in speech or writing or in small accidents or memory lapses etc.

Related : Mistake : a wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention.


Useful Words

زبانی : Oral, Unwritten : using speech rather than writing. "An oral tradition".

زبانی یا تحریری حملہ کرنا : Assail, Assault, Attack, Lash Out, Round, Snipe : attack in speech or writing. "Maryam Nawaz often lashes out the Pakistan Army verbally but no action is taken against her".

جائزہ لینا : Discourse, Discuss, Talk About : to consider or examine in speech or writing. "The girl told the boy that before marriage, we should discuss with each other about our past".

فصیح قوت اظہار : Articulateness, Fluency, Volubility : the quality of being facile in speech and writing.

املا : Dictation : speech intended for reproduction in writing.

بلا اجازت استعمال کرنا : Lift, Plagiarise, Plagiarize : take without referencing from someone else's writing or speech; of intellectual property.

لفظیت : Expression, Verbal Expression, Verbalism : the communication (in speech or writing) of your beliefs or opinions. "Expressions of good will".

گفتگو : Discourse : extended verbal expression in speech or writing. "Discourse markers".

بھٹکتا ہوا : Digressive, Discursive, Excursive, Rambling : (of e.g. speech and writing) tending to depart from the main point or cover a wide range of subjects. "Amusingly digressive with satirical thrusts at women's fashions among other things".

پستے کا درخت : Pistachio, Pistachio Tree, Pistacia Vera : small tree of southern Europe and Asia Minor bearing small hard-shelled nuts.

مزدوروں کا دن : First Of May, May 1, May Day : observed in many countries to celebrate the coming of spring; observed in Russia and related countries in honor of labor.

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