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Circadian meaning in Urdu

Circadian Sentence

Circadian Definitions

1) Circadian : یومیہ : (adjective) of or relating to biological processes occurring at 24-hour intervals.

Circadian rhythms.


Useful Words

Jet Lag : فضائی سفروں سے پیدا ہونے والی تھکان , Hourly : گھنٹہ وار , Scattered : الگ الگ , Histology : علم نسیجات , Biochemistry : جاندار اشیا کی کیمیا , Physiologically : عضویاتی طور پر , Nocturnal : رات کا , Typographic : چھاپنے سے متعلق , A.M. : دوپہر سے پہلے , Plantar : پاوں کی ایڑھی کے متعلق , Premenstrual : حیض جاری ہونے سے قبل کی مدت کے متعلق , Oceanic : بحر سے متعلق , Puerperal : بچے کی پیدایش سے متعلق , Hourly : ہر گھنٹے , 15 Minutes : پندرہ منٹ , 30 Minutes : تیس منٹ , Terce : گرجا کے اوقات عبادت کا تیسرا گھنٹہ , Hourlong : ایک گھنٹے کا , Matins : صبح کی عبادت , Lie-Abed : دیر تک بستر پر اینڈنے والا , Min : منٹ , Intersperse : بیچ میں رکھنا , Frequently : اکثر , Recurrence : دوبارہ ہونا , All-Or-None : سب کا سب یا کچھ نہیں , Periodical : جریدہ , Periodic : وقفے وقفے سے , Uneven : غیر متوازی , Intermittent : وقفے وقفے سے , Wave Train : سلسلہ امواج , Pollen Count : زرگل شمار

Useful Words Definitions

Jet Lag: fatigue and sleep disturbance resulting from disruption of the body's normal circadian rhythm as a result of jet travel.

Hourly: occurring every hour or payable by the hour.

Scattered: occurring or distributed over widely spaced and irregular intervals in time or space.

Histology: Histology is the scientific study of the fine detail of biological cells and tissues using microscopes to look at specimens of tissues that have been carefully prepared using special processes called "histological techniques"..

Biochemistry: the organic chemistry of compounds and processes occurring in organisms; the effort to understand biology within the context of chemistry.

Physiologically: of or relating to physiological processes; with respect to physiology.

Nocturnal: of or relating to or occurring in the night.

Typographic: relating to or occurring or used in typography.

A.M.: "Ante Meridiem" or "A.M." is a Latin expression used to denote the time between midnight (12:00 a.m.) and noon (11:59 a.m.) in a 12-hour clock system. This designation distinguishes morning hours before noon from "P.M." (Post Meridiem), which signifies the afternoon and evening hours following noon, aiding in time notation within the 12-hour format.

Plantar: relating to or occurring on the undersurface of the foot.

Premenstrual: of or relating to or occurring during the period just before menstruation.

Oceanic: relating to or occurring or living in or frequenting the open ocean.

Puerperal: relating to or connected with or occurring at the time of childbirth or shortly following, or to the woman who has just given birth.

Hourly: every hour; by the hour.

15 Minutes: a quarter of an hour.

30 Minutes: a half of an hour.

Terce: the third canonical hour; about 9 a.m..

Hourlong: lasting for an hour.

Matins: the first canonical hour; at daybreak.

Lie-Abed: a person who stays in bed until a relatively late hour.

Min: a unit of time equal to 60 seconds or 1/60th of an hour.

Intersperse: place at intervals in or among.

Frequently: many times at short intervals.

Recurrence: happening again (especially at regular intervals).

All-Or-None: occurring completely or not occurring at all.

Periodical: a publication that appears at fixed intervals.

Periodic: happening or recurring at regular intervals.

Uneven: variable and recurring at irregular intervals.

Intermittent: stopping and starting at irregular intervals.

Wave Train: a succession of waves spaced at regular intervals.

Pollen Count: the number of pollen grains (usually ragweed) in a standard volume of air over a twenty-four hour period and a specified time and place.

Circadian in Book Titles

Circadian Rhythms and the Human.
Circadian Clocks.

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