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Circular meaning in Urdu

Circular Sentences

He mailed the circular to all subscribers.
The circular motion of the wheel.

Circular Synonyms


Circular Definitions

1 of 3) Circular, Bill, Broadsheet, Broadside, Flier, Flyer, Handbill, Throwaway : تشہیر, اشتہار, دستی اشتہار : (noun) an advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution.

2 of 3) Circular, Round : دائرہ نما, گول : (adjective) having a circular shape.

3 of 3) Circular, Orbitual, Rotary : گول : (satellite adjective) describing a circle; moving in a circle.

Useful Words

Masthead : سر ورق , Colophon : سرورق , Kepi : ایک قسم کی فوجی ٹوپی , Disc-Shaped : چپٹا , Bend : موڑ , Dot : نقطہ , Round : گھمانا , Rotunda : گنبدی گول کمرہ , Encircle : گولائی میں باندھنا , Disc : گول ٹکیہ نما , Around : گھوم کر , Eddy : گردش کرنا , Pylorus : فم معدہ , Rotunda : گنبد والی عمارت , Boss : لٹو نما گول , Rose Window : نقش و نگار سے بھری گول کھڑکی , Newel : ستون زینہ , Martello Tower : ساحلوں کی حفاظت کے لیے بنایا گیا قلعہ , Revolve : گھمانا , Rim : کنارا , Key Ring : چابیوں کا چھلا , Publication : مطبوعات کی اشاعت , Trephination : آپریشن جس سے کہوپڑی کی ہڈی کاٹی جاتی ہے , Disc : طشتری , Maelstrom : بھنور , Cappelletti : پنیر کی بنی ہوئی مربع شکل کی کچوری , Pie Chart : وہ مدور نقشہ جسے قطروں کے ذریعے حصوں میں تقسیم کر کے انفرادی ذیلی حصوں کا تناسب ایک سلسلے کے ساتھ واضح کیا جائے , Banjo : آلہ موسیقی , Hooded Merganser : امریکی بطخ , Chaplet : پھولوں کا ہار , Reel : ایک پر جوش مست رقص

Useful Words Definitions

Masthead: the title of a newspaper or magazine; usually printed on the front page and on the editorial page.

Colophon: a publisher's emblem printed in a book (usually on the title page).

Kepi: a cap with a flat circular top and a visor.

Disc-Shaped: having a flat circular shape.

Bend: a circular segment of a curve.

Dot: a very small circular shape.

Round: wind around; move along a circular course.

Rotunda: a large circular room.

Encircle: bind with something round or circular.

Disc: a flat circular plate.

Around: by a circular or circuitous route.

Eddy: flow in a circular current, of liquids.

Pylorus: a little circular opening between the stomach and the duodenum.

Rotunda: a building having a circular plan and a dome.

Boss: a circular rounded projection or protuberance.

Rose Window: circular window filled with tracery.

Newel: the central pillar of a circular staircase.

Martello Tower: a circular masonry fort for coastal defence.

Revolve: cause to move by turning over or in a circular manner of as if on an axis.

Rim: the shape of a raised edge of a more or less circular object.

Key Ring: a circular ring of metal for holding keys.

Publication: a copy of a printed work offered for distribution.

Trephination: an operation that removes a circular section of bone from the skull.

Disc: something with a round shape resembling a flat circular plate.

Maelstrom: a powerful circular current of water (usually the result of conflicting tides).

Cappelletti: small circular or square cases of dough with savory fillings.

Pie Chart: a circular chart divided into triangular areas proportional to the percentages of the whole.

Banjo: a stringed instrument of the guitar family that has long neck and circular body.

Hooded Merganser: small North American duck with a high circular crest on the male`s head.

Chaplet: flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes.

Reel: a lively dance of Scottish Highlanders; marked by circular moves and gliding steps.

Related Words

Ad : اشتہار , Cyclic : باربار ہونے والا , Bulb-Shaped : بلب جیسا

Circular in Book Titles

Circular Dichroism: Principles and Applications.
Magnetic Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy.
Circular Breathing: For the Wind Performer.
Statistical Analysis of Circular Data.

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