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Citrus Tangelo meaning in Urdu

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Citrus Tangelo Definitions

1) Citrus Tangelo, Tangelo, Tangelo Tree, Ugli Fruit : فلوریڈا میں پایا جانے والا پھل : (noun) hybrid between grapefruit and mandarin orange; cultivated especially in Florida.

Useful Words

Orange : نارنجی , Citrous Fruit : کھٹ مٹھے رسیلے پھل , Orange : کینو کا درخت , Fruitcake : میٹھا کیک , Juice Reamer : رس نکالنے والی مشین , Canistel : انڈے جیسا نارنگی اور پیلا رنگ کا میٹھا پھل , Autumn Pumpkin : کدو , Citrous : کھٹ مٹھے پھلوں سے متعلق , Canistel : فلوریڈا میں پایا جانے والا گرم خطے کا درخت , Marmalade : پھلوں کا مربہ , Tangerine : سنگترہ , Satsuma : چینی کینو , Olive Tree : زیتون کا درخت , Comstock Mealybug : درخت میں رہنے والا ایشیائی کیڑا , Common Fig : انجیر کا درخت , Diospyros Kaki : ایک قسم کا جاپانی پھل , Pomelo : چکوترا , Pear : ناشپاتی کا درخت , Citric Acid : کھٹاس , Date Plum : املوک , Mangifera Indica : آم کا درخت , Blue Mahoe : جنگلی درخت , Black Elder : کالے آلوچے کا درخت , Prunus Avium : شیریں چیری , Mangrove : ایک قسم کا درخت , Aegiceras Majus : آسٹریلیا کا درخت , Bladder Cherry : دیر پا کاشت کی جانے والی مسند گل , Navel Orange : بغیر بیج کا کینو , Cantaloup : سردا , Persimmon : املوک , Moringa : سوہانجنا

Useful Words Definitions

Orange: round yellow to orange fruit of any of several citrus trees.

Citrous Fruit: Citrus fruits typically characterized by their bright colors, fragrant aromas, and high vitamin C content. Common examples of citrus fruits include oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, tangerines, and mandarins..

Orange: any citrus tree bearing oranges.

Fruitcake: a rich cake containing dried fruit and nuts and citrus peel and so on.

Juice Reamer: a squeezer with a conical ridged center that is used for squeezing juice from citrus fruit.

Canistel: ovoid orange-yellow mealy sweet fruit of Florida and West Indies.

Autumn Pumpkin: a coarse vine widely cultivated for its large pulpy round orange fruit with firm orange skin and numerous seeds; subspecies of Cucurbita pepo include the summer squashes and a few autumn squashes.

Citrous: of or relating to plants of the genus Citrus.

Canistel: tropical tree of Florida and West Indies yielding edible fruit.

Marmalade: a preserve made of the pulp and rind of citrus fruits.

Tangerine: a variety of mandarin orange.

Satsuma: a variety of mandarin orange.

Olive Tree: a tree of the genus Olea cultivated for its fruit.

Comstock Mealybug: Asiatic insect introduced accidentally into United States; pest on citrus and apple trees.

Common Fig: Mediterranean tree widely cultivated for its edible fruit.

Diospyros Kaki: small deciduous Asiatic tree bearing large red or orange edible astringent fruit.

Pomelo: large pear-shaped fruit similar to grapefruit but with coarse dry pulp.

Pear: Old World tree having sweet gritty-textured juicy fruit; widely cultivated in many varieties.

Citric Acid: a weak water-soluble acid found in many fruits (especially citrus fruits); used as a flavoring agent.

Date Plum: an Asiatic persimmon tree cultivated for its small yellow or purplish-black edible fruit much valued by Afghan tribes.

Mangifera Indica: large evergreen tropical tree cultivated for its large oval fruit.

Blue Mahoe: erect forest tree of Cuba and Jamaica having variably hairy leaves and orange-yellow or orange-red flowers; yields a moderately dense timber for cabinetwork and gunstocks.

Black Elder: a common shrub with black fruit or a small tree of Europe and Asia; fruit used for wines and jellies.

Prunus Avium: large Eurasian tree producing small dark bitter fruit in the wild but edible sweet fruit under cultivation.

Mangrove: a tropical tree or shrub bearing fruit that germinates while still on the tree and having numerous prop roots that eventually form an impenetrable mass and are important in land building.

Aegiceras Majus: an Australian tree resembling the black mangrove of the West Indies and Florida.

Bladder Cherry: Old World perennial cultivated for its ornamental inflated papery orange-red calyx.

Navel Orange: seedless orange enclosing a small secondary fruit at the apex.

Cantaloup: a variety of muskmelon vine having fruit with a tan rind and orange flesh.

Persimmon: orange fruit resembling a plum; edible when fully ripe.

Moringa: Moringa is a plant that is commonly referred to as the "Moringa oleifera" or the "drumstick tree." It is native to parts of South Asia and is now widely cultivated in various tropical and subtropical regions around the world. Moringa tree has many health benefits.

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