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Civil Order

1. Civil Order, Polity : عہد حکومت : (Noun) The form of government of a social organization.

Form, Manakin, Manikin, Mannequin, Mannikin - انسانی قد جتنا مجسمہ لباس دکھانے کے لئے استعمال ہوتا ہے - a life-size dummy used to display clothes.

Administration, Governance, Governing, Government, Government Activity - حکومت - the act of governing; exercising authority; "What will happen to the government?".

Constitution, Establishment, Formation, Organisation, Organization - قیام - the act of forming or establishing something; "the constitution of a PTA group last year".

Social - گھلنے ملنے والا - marked by friendly companionship with others; "a social cup of coffee".

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