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Class Struggle meaning in Urdu

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1) Class Struggle, Class War, Class Warfare : طبقاتی تنازع : (noun) conflict between social or economic classes (especially between the capitalist and proletariat classes).


Useful Words

Bourgeoisie : متوسط طبقہ , Staff Sergeant : بری فوج کا ایک کمیشنڈ افسر جو سارجنٹ سے بڑا ہوتا ھے , Elite : ممتاز اشخاص , Arriviste : نیا نیا امیر شخص , Upper Class : سماج کا سب سے اعلی طبقہ , Harijan : اچھوت , Caste : ذات , Labor : مزدور طبقہ , Caste : معاشرتی رتبہ , Underworld : جرائم پیشہ طبقہ , Article : تصنیف , Peasantry : کسان بحیثیت مجموعی , Bourgeois : متوسط طبقے کا شہری , Pucka : خالص , Sui Generis : ان کا اپنا , Aves : پرندے , Classify : قسم بندی کرنا , Specimen : نمونہ , Hobnob : اعلی طبقے سے میل جول رکھنا , Bony Fish : بونی مچھلی کی ایک قسم , Generic : عمومی , Acellular Slime Mold : سلائم , Wellborn : خاندانی , Class Holothuroidea : سمندری جونکیں , Adjective : اسم صفت , Homework Problem : گھر پر حل کرنے والا سوال , Landed Gentry : جاگیر داری , Colleague : ہم پیشہ , Atypical : غیر مثالی , Common Noun : اسم نکرہ , Aristocracy : اشرافیہ

Useful Words Definitions

Bourgeoisie: the social class between the lower and upper classes.

Staff Sergeant: a noncommissioned officer ranking above corporal and below sergeant first class in the Army or Marines or above airman 1st class in the Air Force.

Elite: a group or class of persons enjoying superior intellectual or social or economic status.

Arriviste: a person who has suddenly risen to a higher economic status but has not gained social acceptance of others in that class.

Upper Class: the class occupying the highest position in the social hierarchy.

Harijan: belongs to lowest social and ritual class in India.

Caste: social status or position conferred by a system based on class.

Labor: a social class comprising those who do manual labor or work for wages.

Caste: a social class separated from others by distinctions of hereditary rank or profession or wealth.

Underworld: the criminal class.

Article: one of a class of artifacts.

Peasantry: the class of peasants.

Bourgeois: a member of the middle class.

Pucka: absolutely first class and genuine.

Sui Generis: constituting a class of its own; unique.

Aves: (ornithology) the class of birds.

Classify: assign to a class or kind.

Specimen: an example regarded as typical of its class.

Hobnob: mix socially with upper class.

Bony Fish: any fish of the class Osteichthyes.

Generic: applicable to an entire class or group.

Acellular Slime Mold: a slime mold of the class Myxomycetes.

Wellborn: of good or upper-class lineage.

Class Holothuroidea: class of echinoderms including the sea cucumbers.

Adjective: the word class that qualifies nouns.

Homework Problem: a problem that students are assigned to do outside of class.

Landed Gentry: the gentry who own land (considered as a class).

Colleague: a person who is member of one's class or profession.

Atypical: not representative of a group, class, or type.

Common Noun: a noun that denotes any or all members of a class.

Aristocracy: a privileged class holding hereditary titles.

Related Words

Battle : لڑائی

Close Words

Assort : درجہ بندی کرنا , Acrasiomycetes : چپچپا قدرتی مادہ , Actinozoa : سمندری حیات , Cephalopoda : سرپایاں , Cestoda : پیٹ کے کیڑے , Chrysophyceae : کائی , Class Crustacea : ڈنک والے جانور , Class Fellow : ہم جماعت , Class Hexapoda : چھ ٹانگوں والا کیڑا , Class Hirudinea : جونک کیڑا , Class List : کلاس کی فہرست

Close Words Definitions

Assort: arrange or order by classes or categories.

Acrasiomycetes: cellular slime molds; in some classifications placed in kingdom Protoctista.

Actinozoa: a large class of sedentary marine coelenterates that includes sea anemones and corals; the medusoid phase is entirely suppressed.

Cephalopoda: octopuses; squids; cuttlefish; pearly nautilus.

Cestoda: tapeworms.

Chrysophyceae: all the yellow-green algae having flagella of unequal length.

Class Crustacea: class of mandibulate arthropods including: lobsters; crabs; shrimps; woodlice; barnacles; decapods; water fleas.

Class Fellow: an acquaintance that you go to school with.

Class Hexapoda: insects; about five-sixths of all known animal species.

Class Hirudinea: hermaphroditic aquatic or terrestrial or parasitic annelids.

Class List: a list issued by examiners that categorizes students according to the class of honours they achieved in their degree examinations.

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