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Clean-Handed meaning in Urdu

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Clean-Handed Definitions

1) Clean-Handed, Guiltless, Innocent : بے گناہ, بے قصور : (adjective) free from evil or guilt.

Useful Words

Purify : پاک کرنا , Clean : صاف , Light-Handedly : سبکدستی سے , High-Handedly : من مانے طریقے سے , Heritage : میراث , Pitsaw : دستی آرا , Draw : گالف کا شارٹ , Saeed Ajmal : سعید اجمل , Brush : برش سے صاف کرنا , Sweep : جھاڑو دینا , Cleaning : صفائی , Plume : پروں کو صاف کرنا , Scavenge : صاف کرنا , Antiseptic : شفاف , Neat : صاف ستھرا , Cleanly : صفائی پسند , Clean : صاف ستھرا کر نا , Scour : مانجھ کے صاف کرنا , Immaculate : صاف ستھری , Cleanliness : صفائی پسندی , Dry Clean : کیمیائی مادہ سے صاف کرنا , Rinse : صاف کرنا , Scrubbed : صاف شدہ , Immaculateness : بے داغی , Pristine : نیا جیسا , Cleanness : صفائی , Bath : نہانا , Janitor : جمعدار , Sponge : اسفنج سے صاف کرنا , Sanitation : صحت و صفائی , Pipe-Clay : پائپ مٹی سے سفید کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

Purify: become clean or pure or free of guilt and sin.

Clean: free from dirt or impurities; or having clean habits.

Light-Handedly: in a light-handed manner.

High-Handedly: in a domineering high-handed manner.

Heritage: practices that are handed down from the past by tradition.

Pitsaw: a large two-handed saw formerly used to cut logs into planks; one man stood above the log and the other in a pit below.

Draw: a golf shot that curves to the left for a right-handed golfer.

Saeed Ajmal: Pakistani cricketer, he is a right-arm off-spin bowler who bats right handed and very fame in cricket world.

Brush: clean with a brush.

Sweep: clean by sweeping.

Cleaning: the act of making something clean.

Plume: clean with one's bill.

Scavenge: clean refuse from.

Antiseptic: clean and honest.

Neat: clean or organized.

Cleanly: habitually clean.

Clean: clean and tidy up the house.

Scour: clean with hard rubbing.

Immaculate: completely neat and clean.

Cleanliness: diligence in keeping clean.

Dry Clean: clean with chemical agents.

Rinse: clean with some chemical process.

Scrubbed: made clean by scrubbing.

Immaculateness: the state of being spotlessly clean.

Pristine: immaculately clean and unused.

Cleanness: the state of being clean; without dirt or other impurities.

Bath: clean one`s body by immersion into water.

Janitor: someone employed to clean and maintain a building.

Sponge: wipe with a sponge, so as to clean or moisten.

Sanitation: the state of being clean and conducive to health.

Pipe-Clay: whiten or clean with pipe-clay.

Related Words

Absolved : بری , Acquitted : بری الذمہ , Blameless : بے قصور , Righteous : متقی

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