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Co-Author meaning in Urdu

Co-Author Definitions

1) Co-Author : مخلوط مصنف ہونا : (verb) be a co-author on (a book, a paper).


Useful Words

Scholiast : حاشیہ نگار , Title Page : کتاب کا پہلا صفحہ , Author : تخلیق کرنا , Nom De Plume : تصنیفی نام , Authoress : مصنفہ , Auctorial : مصنف کی جانب سے , Autographic : ہاتھ سے لکھی تحریر کا , Memoir : سوانح , Aesop : یونانی مصنف , Writing : تحریر , Immortal : لافانی , Elegist : مرثیہ نگار , Divan : شاعری کا مجموعہ , Publius Vergilius Maro : ایک رومی شاعر , A. Conan Doyle : برطانوی مصنف , Levi : متی , Belloc : انگریز مصنف , Hippocrates : یونانی علاج کا بانی , Alger : امریکی مصنف ہوریشو , Adeline Virginia Stephen Woolf : انگریز مصنف , Bibliography : فہرست نگاری , Paper-Back Book : دبیز کاغذ کی جلد والی کتاب , Booklet : کتابچہ , Sketch Block : ایک قسم کی کتاب , 4to : کتاب کا حجم , 8vo : آٹھ صفحوں کی کتاب , Abdias : کتاب عبیدہ , Additions To Esther : آستر کی کتاب میں اضافہ , Electronic Paper : برقی ورق , Rice Paper : چینی کاغذ , Book Review : کتاب کا تنقیدی جائزہ

Useful Words Definitions

Scholiast: a scholar who writes explanatory notes on an author (especially an ancient commentator on a classical author).

Title Page: a page of a book displaying the title and author and publisher.

Author: be the author of.

Nom De Plume: an author's pseudonym.

Authoress: a woman author.

Auctorial: of or by or typical of an author.

Autographic: written in the author's own handwriting.

Memoir: an account of the author's personal experiences.

Aesop: Greek author of fables (circa 620-560 BC).

Writing: (usually plural) the collected work of an author.

Immortal: a person (such as an author) of enduring fame.

Elegist: the author of a mournful poem lamenting the dead.

Divan: a collection of Persian or Arabic poems (usually by one author).

Publius Vergilius Maro: a Roman poet; author of the epic poem `Aeneid` (70-19 BC).

A. Conan Doyle: British author who created Sherlock Holmes (1859-1930).

Levi: (New Testament) disciple of Jesus; traditionally considered to be the author of the first Gospel.

Belloc: English author (born in France) remembered especially for his verse for children (1870-1953).

Hippocrates: Greek medical practitioner who is regarded as the father of medicine; author of the Hippocratic oath (circa 460-377 BC).

Alger: United States author of inspirational adventure stories for boys; virtue and hard work overcome poverty (1832-1899).

Adeline Virginia Stephen Woolf: English author whose work used such techniques as stream of consciousness and the interior monologue; prominent member of the Bloomsbury Group (1882-1941).

Bibliography: a list of writings with time and place of publication (such as the writings of a single author or the works referred to in preparing a document etc.).

Paper-Back Book: a book with paper covers.

Booklet: a small book usually having a paper cover.

Sketch Block: a book containing sheets of paper on which sketches can be drawn.

4to: the size of a book whose pages are made by folding a sheet of paper twice to form four leaves.

8vo: the size of a book whose pages are made by folding a sheet of paper three times to form eight leaves.

Abdias: an Old Testament book telling Obadiah`s prophecies; the shortest book in the Christian Bible.

Additions To Esther: an Apocryphal book consisting of text added to the Book of Esther.

Electronic Paper: An electronic paper display (EPD) is an electrically-charged surface that replicates the look and experience of ink on paper.

Rice Paper: a thin delicate material resembling paper; made from the rice-paper tree.

Book Review: a critical review of a book (usually a recently published book).

Related Words

Authorship : تصنیف