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1) Coal-Tar Creosote, Creosote : قطران : (noun) a dark oily liquid obtained by distillation of coal tar; used as a preservative for wood.


Useful Words

Coal Scuttle : کوئلے دان , Carbonisation : کاربن کاری , Coal Gas : کوئلے کی گیس , Coal : انگارہ , Cinder : دھات کا میل , Pine Tar : صنوبری تارکول , Cookstove : چولہا , Coalbin : انگھیٹی , Coal : کوئلہ ڈالنا , Coal Miner : کان کن , Coalfield : وہ جگہ جہاں کوئلے کے ذخائر ہوں , Gasworks : روشنی اور حرارت دینے والی گیس تیار کرنے کا کار خانہ , Chicken Tikka : چکن تکہ , Coal House : کوئلہ محفوظ کرنے کی جگہ , Pithead : کسی کان یا کوئلے کی سرنگ کا دروازہ , Coal-Black : کالک سے آٹا ہوا , Fireman : فائر مین , Anthracite : معدنی کوئلہ , Bitter Almond Oil : بادام کا تیل , Anointing : مالش , Pyroligneous : لکڑی کی کشید سے پیدا کیا ہوا یا حاصل کردہ , Asphalt : قدرتی رال , Oleic Acid : تیل کا تیزاب , Pitch : تار کول , Oil : نباتی تیل , Absinthe Oil : افسنتین کا تیل , Charcoal : لکڑی کا کوئلہ , Heptane : تیز ایندھن , Aalii : ہوائی کا ایک درخت , Liquid Oxygen : راکٹوں میں استعمال ہونے والی آکسیجن , Brazilian Rosewood : برازیل میں پایا جانے والا ایک درخت

Useful Words Definitions

Coal Scuttle: container for coal; shaped to permit pouring the coal onto the fire.

Carbonisation: the destructive distillation of coal (as in coke ovens).

Coal Gas: gaseous mixture produced by distillation of bituminous coal and used for heating and lighting.

Coal: a hot fragment of wood or coal that is left from a fire and is glowing or smoldering.

Cinder: a fragment of incombustible matter left after a wood or coal or charcoal fire.

Pine Tar: a dark viscous substance obtained from the destructive distillation of pine wood.

Cookstove: a stove for cooking (especially a wood- or coal-burning kitchen stove).

Coalbin: a bin for holding coal.

Coal: supply with coal.

Coal Miner: someone who works in a coal mine.

Coalfield: a region where there is coal underground.

Gasworks: the workplace where coal gas is manufactured.

Chicken Tikka: Bbq chicken which cooked over coal.

Coal House: a shed for storing coal.

Pithead: the entrance to a coal mine.

Coal-Black: of the blackest black; similar to the color of jet or coal.

Fireman: a laborer who tends fires (as on a coal-fired train or steamship).

Anthracite: a hard natural coal that burns slowly and gives intense heat.

Bitter Almond Oil: pale yellow essential oil obtained from bitter almonds by distillation from almond cake or meal.

Anointing: the act of applying oil or an oily liquid.

Pyroligneous: of a substance produced by the effect of heat on wood, especially by destructive distillation.

Asphalt: a dark bituminous substance found in natural beds and as residue from petroleum distillation; consists mainly of hydrocarbons.

Oleic Acid: a colorless oily liquid occurring as a glyceride; it is the major fatty acid in olive oil and canola oil; used in making soap and cosmetics and ointments and lubricating oils.

Pitch: any of various dark heavy viscid substances obtained as a residue.

Oil: any of a group of liquid edible fats that are obtained from plants.

Absinthe Oil: a dark bitter oil obtained from wormwood leaves; flavors absinthe liqueurs.

Charcoal: a carbonaceous material obtained by heating wood or other organic matter in the absence of air.

Heptane: a colorless volatile highly flammable liquid obtained from petroleum and used as an anesthetic or a solvent or in determining octane ratings.

Aalii: a small Hawaiian tree with hard dark wood.

Liquid Oxygen: a bluish translucent magnetic liquid obtained by compressing gaseous oxygen and then cooling it below its boiling point; used as an oxidizer in rocket propellants.

Brazilian Rosewood: an important Brazilian timber tree yielding a heavy hard dark-colored wood streaked with black.

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