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Cogency meaning in Urdu

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Cogency in Detail

1 of 2) Cogency : معقولیت : (noun) persuasive relevance.

2 of 2) Cogency, Rigor, Rigour, Validity : سختی, درستگی : (noun) the quality of being valid and rigorous.

Related : Credibleness : the quality of being believable or trustworthy.

Useful Words

Invalid : ناجائز : having no cogency or legal force. "Invalid reasoning".

Lax, Slack : ڈھیلا : lacking in rigor or strictness. "Such lax and slipshod ways are no longer acceptable".

Persuasively : راغب کرنے والے انداز سے : in a persuasive manner. "This essay argues so persuasively".

Cogent, Telling, Weighty : معقول : powerfully persuasive. "A cogent argument".

Glib, Glib-Tongued, Smooth-Tongued : چرب زبان : artfully persuasive in speech. "A smooth-tongued hypocrite".

Hard-Hitting, High-Pressure : کڑی محنت کرنے والا : aggressively and persistently persuasive. "A hard-hitting advertising campaign".

Coaxing, Ingratiatory : خوشامد : pleasingly persuasive or intended to persuade. "A coaxing and obsequious voice".

Talking Point : کوئی پہلو : an especially persuasive point helping to support an argument or discussion.

Dead Letter, Non-Issue : جو مسئلہ نہ ہو : the state of something that has outlived its relevance.

Applicable : قابل اطلاق : capable of being applied; having relevance. "Gave applicable examples to support her argument".

Close : قریبی : close in relevance or relationship. "A close family".

Distant, Remote : دور کے : far apart in relevance or relationship or kinship. "Remote relative".

Effect, Force : نافذ : (of a law) having legal validity. "The law is still in effect".

Expire, Run Out : ختم ہو نا : lose validity. "My passports expired last month".

Validly : صحیح طور پر : with validity; in a valid manner. "This may not validly be done".

Applicability, Pertinence, Pertinency : مطابقت : relevance by virtue of being applicable to the matter at hand. "Applicability of zakat".

Pertinent : عین متعلق : having precise or logical relevance to the matter at hand. "A list of articles pertinent to the discussion".

Demonstrate, Establish, Prove, Shew, Show : ظاہر کرنا : establish the validity of something, as by an example, explanation or experiment. "The experiment demonstrated the instability of the compound".

Condition, Precondition, Stipulation : اولین شرط : an assumption on which rests the validity or effect of something else.

Validate : توثیق کرنا : make valid or confirm the validity of. "Validate a ticket".

Appraiser, Authenticator : تصدیق کنندہ : someone who determines authenticity (as of works of art) or who guarantees validity. "She was only an authenticator in government office".

Probate : وصیت نامے کی تصدیق : establish the legal validity of (wills and other documents).

Validate : جائز ثابت کرنا : prove valid; show or confirm the validity of something.

Convert, Convince, Win Over : قائل کرنا : make (someone) agree, understand, or realize the truth or validity of something. "Ali`s father was afraid of do and die, but eventually he convinced his father to join Pakistan Army".

Earnest, Sincere, Solemn : پرخلوص : characterized by a firm and humorless belief in the validity of your opinions. "A film with a solemn social message".

Persuasive : قائل کرنے والا : intended or having the power to induce action or belief. "Persuasive eloquence".

Character, Lineament, Quality : خوبی : a characteristic property that defines the apparent individual nature of something. "What quality does it possess ?".

Valid : درست : well grounded in logic or truth or having legal force. "A valid inference".

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