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1) Coin Collection, Coin Collecting, Numismatics, Numismatology : سکے جمع کرنے کا علم : (noun) the collection and study of money (and coins in particular).

Related : Collection : the act of gathering something together.

Useful Words

Coin : سکہ : a flat metal piece (usually a disc) used as money. "Every coin has two sides".

Bank, Coin Bank, Money Box, Savings Bank : تجوری : a container (usually with a slot in the top) for keeping money at home. "The coin bank was empty".

Coin Collector, Numismatist, Numismatologist : سکے جمع کرنے والا : a collector and student of money (and coins in particular). "Coin collector is here".

Coin Slot : سکہ ڈالنے والا کھانچا : a slot through which coins can be inserted into a slot machine. "Coin slot is blocked".

Coin-Operated : سکے سے چلنے والی مشین : of devices that do not operate without the prior insertion of one or more coins. "A coin-operated telephone".

Accumulation, Aggregation, Assemblage, Collection : مجموعہ : several things grouped together or considered as a whole. "Collection of old songs".

Atlas, Book Of Maps, Map Collection : نقشہ کی کتاب : a collection of maps in book form. "He was an atlas book".

Philately, Stamp Collecting, Stamp Collection : ٹکٹ لگا کار مواد کو جمع کروانا : the collection and study of postage stamps.

Aerophilately : ہوائی ڈاک کا ذخیرہ : the collection and study of airmail stamps.

Menagerie : چڑیا گھر : a collection of live animals for study or display.

Herbarium : خشک پودوں کا مجموعہ : a collection of dried plants that are mounted and systematically classified for study.

Conchology, Shell Collecting : خول کاری : the collection and study of mollusc, marine, freshwater and terrestrial shells shells.

Flip, Toss : ٹاس کرنا : the act of flipping a coin.

Slug : جعلی سکہ : a counterfeit coin.

Penny Bank, Piggy Bank : گلک : a child`s coin bank (often shaped like a pig). "I have 200 rupees in my penny bank".

Fourpence, Groat : پرانا انگریزی سکہ : a former English silver coin worth four pennies.

Cent, Centime, Penny : پاونڈ کا سواں حصہ : a coin worth one-hundredth of the value of the basic unit. "There is not even a single penny left".

Nickel : پانچ سینٹ کا امریکی سکہ : a United States coin worth one twentieth of a dollar.

Threepence : برطانیہ کا ایک چھوٹا سکہ : former cupronickel coin of the United Kingdom equal to three pennies.

Farthing : برتانوی سکہ : a former British bronze coin worth a quarter of a penny.

Slot : کھانچا : a small slit (as for inserting a coin or depositing mail). "He put a quarter in the slot".

Eagle : ڈالر کی مالیت کا امریکی سابقہ سونے کا سکہ : a former gold coin in the United States worth 10 dollars.

Jukebox, Nickelodeon : سکہ ڈالنے سے چلنے والا ریکارڈ پلیئر : a cabinet containing an automatic record player; records are played by inserting a coin.

Sixpence, Tanner : انگریزی سکہ : a small coin of the United Kingdom worth six pennies; not minted since 1970.

Commemorative : یادگاری : an object (such as a coin or postage stamp) made to mark an event or honor a person. "A commemorative speech by PM".

Armory, Armoury, Inventory : وسائل کا ذخیرہ : a collection of resources. "He dipped into his intellectual armory to find an answer".

Bunch, Caboodle, Lot : بنڈل : any collection in its entirety. "She bought the whole caboodle".

Bibliotheca : کتاب گھر : a collection of books.

Agglomerate, Cumulation, Cumulus, Heap, Mound, Pile : ڈھیر : a collection of objects laid on top of each other. "He had been missing for three days and then on the fourth day his body was found in a pile of garbage".

Treasure : جمع کردہ مال : a collection of precious things. "The trunk held all her meager treasures".

Covey : گروہ : a small collection of people.

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