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Collide meaning in Urdu

Collide Sentences

The cars collided.
The physicists collided the particles.

Collide Synonyms

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Collide in Detail

1 of 3) Collide, Clash : ایک دوسرے سے ٹکرانا, ٹکر : (verb) crash together with violent impact.

Related : Strike : hit against; come into sudden contact with.


2 of 3) Collide, Clash, Jar : متصادم ہونا, ناموافق : (verb) be incompatible; be or come into conflict.

Related : Conflict : be in conflict.

3 of 3) Collide : ٹکرانا : (verb) cause to collide.

Useful Words

Collide With, Hit, Impinge On, Run Into, Strike : ٹکرانا : hit against; come into sudden contact with. "The car hit a wall".

Bump Into, Butt Against, Jar Against, Knock Against, Run Into : ٹکرا جانا : collide violently with an obstacle. "I ran into the telephone pole".

Strife : جھگڑا : bitter conflict; heated often violent dissension.

Collision : تصادم : an accident resulting from violent impact of a moving object. "Three passengers were killed in the collision".

Ditch : ہنگامی طور پر اترنا : crash or crash-land. "Ditch a car".

Contretemps : جھگڑا : an awkward clash. "He tried to smooth over his contretemps with the policeman".

Confrontation : جھگڑا : discord resulting from a clash of ideas or opinions.

Battle, Conflict, Struggle : لڑائی : an open clash between two opposing groups (or individuals). "Sort out the conflict between them".

Kamikaze : دوسری جنگ عظیم کا جاپانی پائلٹ : a pilot trained and willing to cause a suicidal crash.

Easy, Gentle, Soft : ہلکا : having little impact. "An easy pat on the shoulder".

Conflict : متصادم ہونا : be in conflict. "The two proposals conflict!".

Buffer, Cushion, Soften : اثر سے بچانا : protect from impact. "Cushion the blow".

Blow, Bump : ٹکر : an impact (as from a collision). "The bump threw him off the bicycle".

Join Battle : لڑائی کے لیے آمنے سامنے ہونا : engage in a conflict. "The battle over health care reform was joined".

Contravention, Dispute : مخاصمت : coming into conflict with.

Affect, Impress, Move, Strike : متاثر ہونا : have an emotional or cognitive impact upon. "This child impressed me as unusually mature".

Jar, Jolt, Jounce, Shock : ہچکولا : a sudden jarring impact. "The door closed with a jolt".

Backlash, Rebound, Recoil, Repercussion : واپس پلٹنا : a movement back from an impact. "Disruptive repercussions of the war".

Clash, Friction : تصادم : a state of conflict between persons. "Friction between two leaders".

Beat, Beat Out, Crush, Shell, Trounce, Vanquish : شکست دینا : come out better in a competition, race, or conflict. "Agassi beat Becker in the tennis championship".

Embattle : جنگ کے لئے تیار ہونا صف بندی کرنا : prepare for battle or conflict.

Undivided : نہ ٹوٹا ہوا : not parted by conflict of opinion. "Presented an undivided front".

Bounce, Bouncing : لوٹنے والا : rebounding from an impact (or series of impacts).

Insipid, Jejune : بے لطف : lacking interest or significance or impact. "An insipid personality".

Pound, Ram, Ram Down : کسی بھاری چیز سے مارنا : strike or drive against with a heavy impact. "Ram the gate with a sledgehammer".

War, Warfare : جنگ : the waging of armed conflict against an enemy. "The war fought on media".

Polarise, Polarize : یکطرفہ ہوجانا : become polarized in a conflict or contrasting situation. "Polarize world".

Wartime : زمانہ جنگ : a period of time during which there is armed conflict.

Slam : زور سے مارنا جس سے آواز پیدا ہو : the noise made by the forceful impact of two objects.

In-Fighting : آپس کی لڑائی : conflict between members of the same organization (usually concealed from outsiders).

Collision : ٹکراوٴ : a conflict of opposed ideas or attitudes or goals. "A collision of interests".

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