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1 of 2) Colossus, Behemoth, Giant, Goliath, Monster : دیو ہیکل, دیوقامت, غیر معمولی بڑا اور طاقتور : (noun) someone or something that is abnormally large and powerful.

Related : Unusual Person : a person who is unusual.


2 of 2) Colossus, Behemoth, Giant, Heavyweight, Titan : کلیدی شخصیت, انتہائی اہم شخصیت : (noun) a person of exceptional importance and reputation.

Related : Personage : a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events.

Useful Words

Ascendant, Ascendent, Dominating : اہم : most powerful or important or influential. "The economically ascendant class".

Bulldozer, Dozer : بلڈوزر : large powerful tractor; a large blade in front flattens areas of ground.

Gigantic, Mammoth : دیو ہیکل جسامت کا : so exceedingly large or extensive as to suggest a giant or mammoth. "A gigantic redwood".

Monstrous : بہت بڑا : abnormally large.

Hypotensive : کم بلڈ پریشر والا : a person who has abnormally low blood pressure.

Macrocyte, Megalocyte : خون کا بڑا ہوا خلیہ : abnormally large red blood cell (associated with pernicious anemia).

Deposition, Dethronement : موزولی : the act of deposing someone; removing a powerful person from a position or office.

Nepotist : با اختیار انسان جو اپنوں کو نوازے : a powerful person who shows favoritism to relatives or close friends.

Brawny, Hefty, Muscular, Powerful, Sinewy : ہٹا کٹا : (of a person) possessing physical strength and weight; rugged and powerful. "A hefty athlete".

Uraturia : پیشاب میں یوریٹس کی زیادتی : presence of abnormally large amounts of uric acid in the urine; symptom of gout.

Chelydra Serpentina, Common Snapping Turtle, Snapper : بڑے منہ والا کچھوا : large-headed turtle with powerful hooked jaws found in or near water; prone to bite.

Afp, Alpha Fetoprotein, Alpha Foetoprotein : غیر معمولی جنین : an abnormally large amount of this fetoprotein in the fetus can signal an abnormality of the neural tube (as spina bifida or anencephaly).

Ant Bear, Giant Anteater, Great Anteater, Myrmecophaga Jubata, Tamanoir : جنوب امریکہ میں پایا جانے والا ایک جانور : large shaggy-haired toothless anteater with long tongue and powerful claws; of South America.

Kangaroo : ایک خاص قسم کا آسٹریلیا میں پایا جانے والا جانور : any of several herbivorous leaping marsupials of Australia and New Guinea having large powerful hind legs and a long thick tail.

African Hunting Dog, Cape Hunting Dog, Hyena Dog, Lycaon Pictus : افریقی شکاری کتا : a powerful doglike mammal of southern and eastern Africa that hunts in large packs; now rare in settled area.

Cathedral : اہم گرجا گھر : any large and important church. "The bishop usually resides on the cathedral premises".

Big Cheese, Big Deal, Big Enchilada, Big Fish, Big Gun, Big Shot, Big Wheel, Head Honcho : با اثر آدمی : an important influential person. "He is a big shot".

Cortege, Entourage, Retinue, Suite : نوکر چاکر : the group following and attending to some important person.

Bigwig, Kingpin, Top Banana : سرغنہ : the most important person in a group or undertaking. "He is the kingpin of the gang".

Dignitary, High Muckamuck, High-Up, Panjandrum, Very Important Person, Vip : بہت اہم شخصیت : an important or influential (and often overbearing) person. "Our VIP guests stay here".

Worthy : محترم شخص : an important, honorable person (word is often used humorously). "He told his story to some conservative worthies".

Pawn : شطرنج : (chess) the least powerful piece; moves only forward and captures only to the side; it can be promoted to a more powerful piece if it reaches the 8th rank.

Herald, Trumpeter : اہم خبر سنانے والا : an official person who declares important news and messages. "The tribal chief had a herald".

Jewfish, Mulloway, Sciaena Antarctica : الیہود مچھلی : large important food fish of Australia; almost indistinguishable from the maigre.

Kingmaker : سیاست میں کسی کو اقتدار میں لانے والا : an important person who can bring leaders to power through the exercise of political influence. "The MQM is a kingmaker party in politics of Pakistan".

Fleshy, Heavy, Overweight : وزنی شخص : usually describes a large person who is fat but has a large frame to carry it.

Sallow : بید کا درخت : any of several Old World shrubby broad-leaved willows having large catkins; some are important sources for tanbark and charcoal.

No Confidence Motion : تحریک عدم اعتماد : This is a statement or vote about a person in a position of responsibility wheather he or she is fit to hold that position or not, usually this vote is used against powerful people or group. "Imran Khan trying to abort no confidence motion in Pakistan".

Landmark, Turning Point, Watershed : سنگ میل : an event marking a unique or important historical change of course or one on which important developments depend. "The agreement was a watershed in the history of both nations".

Giantess : بڑے قدوقامت والی عورت : a female giant.

Giant, Heavyweight, Hulk, Whale : دیو جیسا : a very large person; impressive in size or qualities. "Jack used to be a hulk but since he is diagnosed with cancer he looks so weak".

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