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1 of 10) Come, Come Up : آنا : (verb) move toward, travel toward something or somebody or approach something or somebody.

For what you have come here?
How did you come here?+ More

2 of 10) Come, Arrive, Get : پہنچنا, کسی جگہ پہنچنا : (verb) reach a destination; arrive by movement or progress.

3 of 10) Come : ہونا : (verb) come to pass; arrive, as in due course.

Dawn comes early in June.

4 of 10) Come, Hail : نژاد ہونا : (verb) be a native of.

5 of 10) Come, Add Up, Amount, Number, Total : بن جانا : (verb) add up in number or quantity.

6 of 10) Come, Add Up, Amount : حاصل ہونا : (verb) develop into.

7 of 10) Come, Come In : پانا : (verb) be received.

8 of 10) Come, Occur : خیال آنا : (verb) come to one`s mind; suggest itself.

9 of 10) Come, Do, Fare, Get Along, Make Out : چلنا : (verb) proceed or get along.

He`s come a long way.

10 of 10) Come : جنسی تسکین کے عروج پر پہنچنا : (verb) experience orgasm.

She could not come because she was too upset.

Useful Words

Go : سفر کرنا , Continue : جاری رہنا , Land : ساحل پر آنا , Due : آنے والا , Arrival Time : پہنچنے کا وقت , Crowd : خاص عمر تک پہنچ جانا , Avenue : راستہ , Adient : قبولیت , Cerebrate : سوچنا , Accost : لبھانا , Meander : موڑنا , Adience : حالات سے سمجھوتہ , By Any Means : ہر حال میں , Spot Pass : گیند کو کسی خاص مقام پر پھنچانا , Bustle : حرکت کرنا , Maria Montesorri : مونٹیسوری تعلیم کی اطالوی استاد , Compromise : مفاہمت کرنا , Do-Si-Do : ایک قسم کا رقص , Agitate : ہلانا , Shuffle : ادھر ادھر حرکت کرنا , Follow : مان کر چلنا , Accompany : ساتھ جانا , Circle : چکر لگانا , Follow : پیچھے چلنا , Ascend : چڑھنا , Seafaring : بحری سفر کرنا , Cover : سفر کرنا , Fly : ہوائی سفر کرنا , Peregrinate : جگہ جگہ سفر کرنا , Detour : راستہ بند ہونے کی صورت میں متبادل راستے کا استعمال کرنا , Commutation : سفری

Useful Words Definitions

Go: change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically.

Continue: move ahead; travel onward in time or space.

Land: arrive on shore.

Due: scheduled to arrive.

Arrival Time: the time at which a public conveyance is scheduled to arrive at a given destination.

Crowd: approach a certain age or speed.

Avenue: a line of approach.

Adient: characterized by acceptance or approach.

Cerebrate: use or exercise the mind or one`s power of reason in order to make inferences, decisions, or arrive at a solution or judgments.

Accost: approach with an offer of intimate favors.

Meander: to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course.

Adience: (psychology) an urge to accept or approach a situation or an object.

By Any Means: to achieve a goal using any means necessary, whether they are ethical or not. It implies a determined and relentless approach.

Spot Pass: a pass to a designated spot on the field; the receiver should arrive at that spot the same time the ball does.

Bustle: move or cause to move energetically or busily.

Maria Montesorri: Italian educator who developed a method of teaching mentally handicapped children and advocated a child-centered approach (1870-1952).

Compromise: make a compromise; arrive at a compromise.

Do-Si-Do: a square-dance figure; two dancers approach each other and circle back to back before returning to their original places.

Agitate: move or cause to move back and forth.

Shuffle: move about, move back and forth.

Follow: to travel behind, go after, come after.

Accompany: go or travel along with.

Circle: travel around something.

Follow: travel along a certain course.

Ascend: travel up.

Seafaring: travel by water.

Cover: travel across or pass over.

Fly: travel in an airplane.

Peregrinate: travel around, through, or over, especially on foot.

Detour: travel via a detour.

Commutation: the travel of a commuter.

Related Words

Come About : واقع ہونا , Go : جانا , Accost : کسی سے بولنا , Approach : قریب ہونا , Land : ٹھرنا , Attain : پہنچ جانا , Approach : طرف جانا , Be : ہے , Become : وجود میں آنا , Become : بن جانا , Aggregate : میزان لگانا

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