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Common Mackerel meaning in Urdu

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1) Common Mackerel, Scomber Scombrus, Shiner : اسقمری مچھلی : (noun) important food fish of the northern Atlantic and Mediterranean; its body is greenish-blue with dark bars and small if any scales.


Useful Words

Bracketed Blenny : ایک قسم کی مچھلی , Haddock : کاڈ مچھلی کی طرح کی ایک مچھلی , Brama Raii : پاپلیٹ مچھلی , Abramis Brama : برما مچھلی , Common Shiner : امریکی چھوٹی مچھلی , Harbor Porpoise : مچھلی , Halibut : چپٹی بڑی مچھلی , Mackerel : ایک قسم کی مچھلی , Hexagrammos Decagrammus : گرین لنگ مچھلی , Adder : وائپر سانپ , Clintonia Borealis : نیلی بوندی والا پودا , Roach : ایک قسم کی چمکدار مچھلی , Lampris Regius : ایک قسم کی مچھلی , European Flatfish : یورپی مچھلی , African Green Monkey : رنگین بندر , Horse Mackerel : چھوٹی یورپی مچھلی , Jewfish : الیہود مچھلی , Hawkbit : یورایشیائی جنگلی پودا , Common Thyme : جنگلی پودینا , Scup : ٹھنڈے پانی میں پائی جانے والی مچھلی کا گوشت , Herring : مچھلی کا گوشت , Surcharge : اضافی ٹیکس , Cigarfish : ایک چھوٹی مچھلی , Ling : ایک قسم کی مچھلی , Common Speedwell : گل حواشی , Cobia : کوبیا مچھلی , Contribution : امداد دینا , Hickory Pine : ہکوری صنوبر , Broom : جامنی پھول والی جھاڑی , Olive : زیتون کا پھل , Black Whale : امریکی پائلٹ ویل مچھلی

Useful Words Definitions

Bracketed Blenny: small eellike fishes common in shallow waters of the northern Atlantic.

Haddock: important food fish on both sides of the Atlantic; related to cod but usually smaller.

Brama Raii: deep-bodied sooty-black pelagic spiny-finned fish of the northern Atlantic and northern Pacific; valued for food.

Abramis Brama: European freshwater fish having a flattened body and silvery scales; of little value as food.

Common Shiner: the common North American shiner.

Harbor Porpoise: the common porpoise of the northern Atlantic and Pacific.

Halibut: marine food fish of the northern Atlantic or northern Pacific; the largest flatfish and one of the largest teleost fishes.

Mackerel: flesh of very important usually small (to 18 in) fatty Atlantic fish.

Hexagrammos Decagrammus: common food and sport fish of western coast of North America.

Adder: small terrestrial viper common in northern Eurasia.

Clintonia Borealis: common woodland herb of temperate North America having yellow nodding flowers and small round blue fruits.

Roach: European freshwater food fish having a greenish back.

Lampris Regius: large elliptical brightly colored deep-sea fish of Atlantic and Pacific and Mediterranean.

European Flatfish: important food fish of Europe.

African Green Monkey: common savannah monkey with greenish-grey back and yellow tail.

Horse Mackerel: large elongated compressed food fish of the Atlantic waters of Europe.

Jewfish: large important food fish of Australia; almost indistinguishable from the maigre.

Hawkbit: any of various common wildflowers of the genus Leontodon; of temperate Eurasia to Mediterranean regions.

Common Thyme: common aromatic garden perennial native to the western Mediterranean; used in seasonings and formerly as medicine.

Scup: flesh of fish found in colder waters of northern Atlantic coast of the United States.

Herring: valuable flesh of fatty fish from shallow waters of northern Atlantic or Pacific; usually salted or pickled.

Surcharge: an additional charge (as for items previously omitted or as a penalty for failure to exercise common caution or common skill).

Cigarfish: small fusiform fish of western Atlantic.

Ling: elongated marine food fish of Greenland and northern Europe; often salted and dried.

Common Speedwell: common hairy European perennial with pale blue or lilac flowers in axillary racemes.

Cobia: large dark-striped tropical food and game fish related to remoras; found worldwide in coastal to open waters.

Contribution: act of giving in common with others for a common purpose especially to a charity.

Hickory Pine: a small two-needled upland pine of the eastern United States (Appalachians) having dark brown flaking bark and thorn-tipped cone scales.

Broom: common Old World heath represented by many varieties; low evergreen grown widely in the northern hemisphere.

Olive: small ovoid fruit of the European olive tree; important food and source of oil.

Black Whale: small dark-colored whale of the Atlantic coast of the United States; the largest male acts as pilot or leader for the school.

Close Words

Common : عام , Common Ageratum : فلوس کا پھول , Common Alder : شہتوت کی قسم کا درخت , Common Allamanda : امریکی سدا بہار پودا , Common American Shad : امریکی شد مچھلی , Common Amsinckia : پیلے پھولوں والی امریکی جھاڑی , Common Apricot : خوبانی کا درخت , Common Arrowhead : چرس کا پودا , Common Ax : کلہاڑی , Common Bamboo : انتہائی سخت بانس , Common Barley : عام جو

Close Words Definitions

Common: having no special distinction or quality; widely known or commonly encountered; average or ordinary or usual.

Common Ageratum: small tender herb grown for its fluffy brushlike blue to lavender blooms.

Common Alder: medium-sized tree with brown-black bark and woody fruiting catkins; leaves are hairy beneath.

Common Allamanda: vigorous evergreen climbing plant of South America having glossy leathery foliage and golden yellow flowers.

Common American Shad: shad of Atlantic coast of North America; naturalized to Pacific coast.

Common Amsinckia: annual of western United States with coiled spikes of yellow-orange coiled flowers.

Common Apricot: temperate zone tree bearing downy yellow to rosy fruits.

Common Arrowhead: a weed, found in very wet soils.

Common Ax: an ax with a long handle and a head that has one cutting edge and one blunt side.

Common Bamboo: extremely vigorous bamboo having thin-walled culms striped green and yellow; so widely cultivated that native area is uncertain.

Common Barley: grass yielding grain used for breakfast food and animal feed and in malt beverages.

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