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Common Water Snake meaning in Urdu

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1) Common Water Snake, Banded Water Snake, Natrix Sipedon, Nerodia Sipedon : پانی کا سانپ : (noun) in some classifications placed in the genus Nerodia; western United States snake that seldom ventures far from water.

Useful Words

African Coral Snake : افریقی سانپ , Corn Snake : امریکہ میں پایا جانے والا ایک بے ضرر سانپ , Agkistrodon Piscivorus : پانی کا سانپ , Closet Auger : کموڈ صاف کرنے کا آلہ , Anguine : سانپ کی طرح , Snakebite : سانپ کا ڈسنا , Atomic Number 11 : سوڈیم , Coluber Hippocrepis : پتلا پھرتیلا سانپ , Common Garter Snake : دھاری دار سانپ , Acanthophis Antarcticus : زہریلا سانپ , Snake : سانپ , Wiggly : بل کھاتے ہوئے , Adder's Tongue : پتلے پتوں والا پودا , Fang : ذہریلے سانپ کا دانت , Mamba : ایک قسم کا سانپ , Antivenene : زہر کا توڑ , Horned Pondweed : تالابی گھاس , Headrace : پن چکی کی نہر , Dew : شبنم , Hognose Snake : بے ضرر سانپ , Checkered Adder : دھاری دار سانپ , Drown : ڈوب کر مرجانا , Atomic Number 19 : پوٹاشیم , Celsius Scale : سنٹی گریڈ , Centigrade : سینٹی گریڈ , Genus Heteranthera : نرم گھاس , Bombay : ممبئی بھارت کا سب سے بڑا شہر , Submerge : پانی کے اندر ڈالنا , Full-Strength : پانی کے بغیر , Watering : پانی سے گیلا , Seafaring : بحری سفر کرنا

Useful Words Definitions

African Coral Snake: small widely distributed arboreal snake of southern Africa banded in black and orange.

Corn Snake: large harmless snake of southeastern United States; often on farms.

Agkistrodon Piscivorus: venomous semiaquatic snake of swamps in southern United States.

Closet Auger: a snake used to unblock toilets.

Anguine: of or related to or resembling a snake.

Snakebite: a bite inflicted by a (venomous) snake.

Atomic Number 11: a silvery soft waxy metallic element of the alkali metal group; occurs abundantly in natural compounds (especially in salt water); burns with a yellow flame and reacts violently in water; occurs in sea water and in the mineral halite (rock salt).

Coluber Hippocrepis: slender fast-moving Eurasian snake.

Common Garter Snake: a garter snake that is widespread in North America.

Acanthophis Antarcticus: venomous Australian snake resembling an adder.

Snake: something long, thin, and flexible that resembles a snake.

Wiggly: moving in a twisting or snake-like or wormlike fashion.

Adder's Tongue: ferns with fertile spikes shaped like a snake`s tongue.

Fang: hollow or grooved tooth of a venomous snake; used to inject its poison.

Mamba: arboreal snake of central and southern Africa whose bite is often fatal.

Antivenene: an antitoxin that counteracts the effects of venom from the bite of a snake or insect or other animal.

Horned Pondweed: found in still or slow-moving fresh or brackish water; useful to oxygenate cool water ponds and aquaria.

Headrace: a waterway that feeds water to a mill or water wheel or turbine.

Dew: water that has condensed on a cool surface overnight from water vapor in the air.

Hognose Snake: harmless North American snake with upturned nose; may spread its head and neck or play dead when disturbed.

Checkered Adder: nonvenomous tan and brown king snake with an arrow-shaped occipital spot; southeastern ones have red stripes like coral snakes.

Drown: die from being submerged in water, getting water into the lungs, and asphyxiating.

Atomic Number 19: a light soft silver-white metallic element of the alkali metal group; oxidizes rapidly in air and reacts violently with water; is abundant in nature in combined forms occurring in sea water and in carnallite and kainite and sylvite.

Celsius Scale: a temperature scale that defines the freezing point of water as 0 degrees and the boiling point of water as 100 degrees.

Centigrade: of or relating to a temperature scale on which the freezing point of water is 0 degrees and the boiling point of water is 100 degrees.

Genus Heteranthera: a genus of aquatic plants in the water hyacinth family, Pontederiaceae, known generally as mud plantains.

Bombay: a city in western India just off the coast of the Arabian Sea; India's 2nd largest city (after Calcutta); has the only natural deep-water harbor in western India.

Submerge: put under water.

Full-Strength: without water.

Watering: wetting with water.

Seafaring: travel by water.

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Water Snake : پانی کا سانپ

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