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Complement meaning in Urdu

Complement Sentences

I need some pepper to complement the sweet touch in the soup.
A fine wine is a perfect complement to the dinner.

Complement Synonyms


Complement Definitions

1 of 7) Complement : تکملہ : (noun) a word or phrase used to complete a grammatical construction.

2 of 7) Complement : مکمل کرنا : (verb) make complete or perfect; supply what is wanting or form the complement to.

3 of 7) Complement : پوری مقدار : (noun) a complete number or quantity.

A full complement.

4 of 7) Complement, Full Complement : پوری تعداد : (noun) number needed to make up a whole force.

A full complement of workers.

5 of 7) Complement, Accompaniment : ضمیمہ, تکمیلی جز, جو پورا یا مکمل کرے : (noun) something added to complete or embellish or make perfect.

6 of 7) Complement : مدافعتی خامرے : (noun) one of a series of enzymes in the blood serum that are part of the immune response.

7 of 7) Complement : جوڑی کا ایک حصہ : (noun) either of two parts that mutually complete each other.

Useful Words

Complemental : تکمیلی , Copula : رابط , Complement Fixation Test : خون کا ٹیسٹ , Complement Fixation : مدافعتی رد عمل , Wasserman Reaction : واسرامن ٹیسٹ , Coordinating : ربطی , Adjunct : تفسیری , Entire : پورا , All : مکمل طور پر , Acatalectic : مکمل مصرعہ , Whole : پورا , Amphibology : ذومعنویت , Head : مرکزی لفظ , Preposition : حرف ربط , A Cappella : موسیقی کے بغیر , Accompany : مل کر گانا , A Capella Singing : بغیر آلات کے گانا , A Cappella : بغیر آلات کے گایا ہوا , Accompanist : دم ساز , Allay Munja Mar Wara : او میرے پیارے , Entail : نتیجہ ہونا , Accompanied : موسیقی کے آلات کے ساتھ گانا , Monody : ایک قسم کا مرثیہ , Descant : سر , Sauce : چٹنی , Opera : ڈرامہ , Agree : ایک دوسرے سے اتفاق کرنا , Phrase Structure : الفاظ کی ترتیب , Transitiveness : متعدیت , Catch Phrase : تکیہ کلام , Architectonic : تعمیر سے متعلق

Useful Words Definitions

Complemental: acting as or providing a complement (something that completes the whole).

Copula: an equating verb (such as `be' or `become') that links the subject with the complement of a sentence.

Complement Fixation Test: a blood test in which a sample of serum is exposed to a particular antigen and complement in order to determine whether or not antibodies to that particular antigen are present; used as a diagnostic test.

Complement Fixation: an immune response in which an antigen-antibody combination inactivates a complement (so it is unavailable to participate in a second antigen-antibody combination).

Wasserman Reaction: a blood test to detect syphilis; a complement fixation test is used to detect antibodies to the syphilis organism treponema; a positive reaction indicates the presence of antibodies and therefore syphilis infection.

Coordinating: serving to connect two grammatical constituents of identical construction.

Adjunct: a construction that can be used to extend the meaning of a word or phrase but is not one of the main constituents of a sentence.

Entire: constituting the full quantity or extent; complete.

All: to a complete degree or to the full or entire extent (`whole` is often used informally for `wholly`).

Acatalectic: (verse) metrically complete; especially having the full number of syllables in the final metrical foot.

Whole: including all components without exception; being one unit or constituting the full amount or extent or duration; complete.

Amphibology: an ambiguous grammatical construction; e.g., `they are flying planes' can mean either that someone is flying planes or that something is flying planes.

Head: (grammar) the word in a grammatical constituent that plays the same grammatical role as the whole constituent.

Preposition: a function word that combines with a noun or pronoun or noun phrase to form a prepositional phrase that can have an adverbial or adjectival relation to some other word.

A Cappella: without musical accompaniment.

Accompany: perform an accompaniment to.

A Capella Singing: singing without instrumental accompaniment.

A Cappella: sung without instrumental accompaniment.

Accompanist: a person who provides musical accompaniment (usually on a piano).

Allay Munja Mar Wara: Allay munja mar wara" is a phrase in Sindhi language, which is spoken in the Sindh province of Pakistan. It is a traditional Sindhi folk song that is often sung during cultural events, weddings, and celebrations. The phrase itself does not have a specific meaning in English. It is a part of the Sindhi language and is typically used in the context of traditional music and cultural expressions.

Entail: impose, involve, or imply as a necessary accompaniment or result.

Accompanied: playing or singing with instrumental or vocal accompaniment.

Monody: music consisting of a single vocal part (usually with accompaniment).

Descant: a decorative musical accompaniment (often improvised) added above a basic melody.

Sauce: flavorful relish or dressing or topping served as an accompaniment to food.

Opera: a drama set to music; consists of singing with orchestral accompaniment and an orchestral overture and interludes.

Agree: show grammatical agreement.

Phrase Structure: the grammatical arrangement of words in sentences.

Transitiveness: the grammatical relation created by a transitive verb.

Catch Phrase: a phrase that has become a catchword.

Architectonic: of or pertaining to construction or architecture.

Related Words

Counterpart : ہم مرتبہ , Construction : جملہ , Hands : افرادی قوت , Adjunct : متعلقات , Count : گنتی , Enzyme : خامرہ

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