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Compound Fracture meaning in Urdu

Compound Fracture Sentence

Compound fracture x ray.

Compound Fracture Synonym

Compound Fracture Definitions

1) Compound Fracture, Open Fracture : وہ فریکچر جس میں ہڈی ٹوٹ کر گوشت سے باہر آجاتی ہے : (noun) A "compound fracture" occurs when a broken bone penetrates the skin, resulting in an open wound. This condition is also referred to as an open fracture.


Useful Words

Compression Fracture : ہڈی کا ٹوٹنا , Traction : سکڑاوٴ , Harm : زخم , Nutcracker : سروتا , Rachis : پھول ڈنڈی , Sore : جلدی زخم , Eyelid : آنکھ کا پپوٹا , Menthol : جوہر پودینہ , Quinquefoliate Leaf : پانچ پتیوں والا , Heterocycle : جوہری چھلے والا , Ingredient : جزو ترکیبی , 8-Membered : آٹھ کا مرکب , 4-Membered : چار کیمیاء , 7-Membered : سات کا مرکب , Sulfide : گندھک کا ایک مرکب زیادہ برق مثبت ایٹم کے ساتھ , 10-Membered : دس سے منسلک کیمیا , 3-Membered : تین سے بنا کیمیاء , Caustic Potash : پیشاب ٹیسٹ کرنے میں استعمال کیا جاتا ہے , 6-Membered : چھ کیمیائی مرکب , 9-Membered : نو کا مرکب کیمیاء , Compounded : کیمیائی مرکب , 5-Membered : پانچ کیمیاء , Adduct : کیمیائی ردعمل کا مرکب , Acetylate : تیزاب ملانا , Hypo : تھائیو سلفیٹ کا سوڈا , Acetanilid : سفید نگینے جیسا مرکب , Acinar : خلیوں کے گچھے سے متعلق , Acylation : کیمیائی تشکیل , Acetophenetidin : سفید نگینہ جیسا مرکب , Acetylation : تیزاب ملانے کا عمل , Frond : بڑا پتہ

Useful Words Definitions

Compression Fracture: fracture in which the bone collapses (especially in short bones such as vertebrae).

Traction: (orthopedics) the act of pulling on a bone or limb (as in a fracture) to relieve pressure or align parts in a special way during healing.

Harm: any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc..

Nutcracker: a compound lever used to crack nuts open.

Rachis: axis of a compound leaf or compound inflorescence.

Sore: an open skin infection.

Eyelid: either of two folds of skin that can be moved to cover or open the eye.

Menthol: a crystalline compound that has the cool and minty taste and odor that occurs naturally in peppermint oil; used as a flavoring and in medicine to relieve itching, pain, and nasal congestion.

Quinquefoliate Leaf: a compound leaf having five leaflets.

Heterocycle: a compound containing a heterocyclic ring.

Ingredient: a component of a mixture or compound.

8-Membered: of a chemical compound having a ring with eight members.

4-Membered: of a chemical compound having a ring with four members.

7-Membered: of a chemical compound having a ring with seven members.

Sulfide: a compound of sulphur and some other element that is more electropositive.

10-Membered: of a chemical compound having a ring with ten members.

3-Membered: of a chemical compound having a ring with three members.

Caustic Potash: a potassium compound often used in agriculture and industry.

6-Membered: of a chemical compound having a ring with six members.

9-Membered: of a chemical compound having a ring with nine members.

Compounded: combined into or constituting a chemical compound.

5-Membered: of a chemical compound having a ring with five members.

Adduct: a compound formed by an addition reaction.

Acetylate: introduce an acetyl group into (a chemical compound).

Hypo: a compound used as a fixing agent in photographic developing.

Acetanilid: a white crystalline compound used as an analgesic and also as an antipyretic.

Acinar: pertaining to one of the small sacs (as in a compound gland).

Acylation: the process of introducing an acyl group into a compound.

Acetophenetidin: a white crystalline compound used as an analgesic and also as an antipyretic.

Acetylation: the process of introducing an acetyl group into a compound.

Frond: compound leaf of a fern or palm or cycad.

Related Words

Break : ہڈی کا ٹوٹنا

Close Words

Compound : مرکب , Compound Eye : کیڑوں کی آنکھ , Compound Fraction : کسر مخلوط , Compound Interest : کل سود , Compound Leaf : پتوں کا مجموعہ , Compound Lens : مرکب شیشے , Compound Lever : جگر کے دونوں حصے , Compound Microscope : مرکب خردبین , Compound Morphology : لفظوں کا ملاپ , Compound Number : دو قسم کے عدد , Compound Pendulum : مرکب لٹکن

Close Words Definitions

Compound: a whole formed by a union of two or more elements or parts.

Compound Eye: in insects and some crustaceans: composed of many light-sensitive elements each forming a portion of an image.

Compound Fraction: a fraction with fractions in the numerator or denominator.

Compound Interest: interest calculated on both the principal and the accrued interest.

Compound Leaf: a leaf composed of a number of leaflets on a common stalk.

Compound Lens: a lens system consisting of two or more lenses on the same axis.

Compound Lever: a pair of levers hinged at the fulcrum.

Compound Microscope: light microscope that has two converging lens systems: the objective and the eyepiece.

Compound Morphology: the part of grammar that deals with combinations of simple words into compound words.

Compound Number: a quantity expressed in two different units.

Compound Pendulum: pendulum consisting of an actual object allowed to rotate freely around a horizontal axis.

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