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Condor meaning in Urdu

Condor Definitions

1) Condor : بڑا پرندہ : (noun) the largest flying birds in the western hemisphere.


Useful Words

Flight : پرندوں کا گروہ , Aconcagua : ارجنٹائن کی پہاڑی , Coot : مرغابی نما پرندہ , Balaenoptera Musculus : سب سے بڑی مچھلی , Hesperian : مغربی , Amphibology : ذومعنویت , Bombay : ممبئی بھارت کا سب سے بڑا شہر , Tel Aviv : اسرائیل کا شہر , Ca : کیلیفونیا , Capital Of Cuba : ہوانا کیوبا کا دارالحکومت , Bulgarian Capital : بلغاریا کا دارالحکومت , Aepyorniformes : بڑا ناپید پرندہ , Shanghai : چین کا شہر , Halibut : چپٹی بڑی مچھلی , In Flight : دوران پرواز , Toronto : ٹورانٹو , Ballooning : غبارے میں اڑنا , Pterodactyl : اڑن خزندہ , Spray : چھڑکاٴو کرنا , Wing : پر , Westernisation : مغربیت , Cockpit : جہاز کی وہ جگہ جھاں پائلٹ بیٹھتا ہو , Air Lane : ہوائی راستہ , Aerodontalgia : دانت کا درد , Flying Saucer : اڑن طشتری کسی مخلوق کی فرضی , Strafe : بمباری کرنا , Aurora Australis : فلکیات , Southern Hemisphere : جنوبی نصف کرہ , Herring Gull : بگلا , Pegasus : ایک برادر گہوڑا , Crux : جنوبی صلیب

Useful Words Definitions

Flight: a flock of flying birds.

Aconcagua: the highest mountain in the western hemisphere; located in the Andes in western Argentina (22,834 feet high).

Coot: slate-black slow-flying birds somewhat resembling ducks.

Balaenoptera Musculus: largest mammal ever known; bluish-grey migratory whalebone whale mostly of southern hemisphere.

Hesperian: denoting or characteristic of countries of Europe and the western hemisphere.

Amphibology: an ambiguous grammatical construction; e.g., `they are flying planes' can mean either that someone is flying planes or that something is flying planes.

Bombay: a city in western India just off the coast of the Arabian Sea; India's 2nd largest city (after Calcutta); has the only natural deep-water harbor in western India.

Tel Aviv: the largest city and financial center of Israel; located in western Israel on the Mediterranean.

Ca: a state in the western United States on the Pacific; the 3rd largest state; known for earthquakes.

Capital Of Cuba: the capital and largest city of Cuba; located in western Cuba; one of the oldest cities in the Americas.

Bulgarian Capital: capital and largest city of Bulgaria located in western Bulgaria.

Aepyorniformes: huge extinct flightless birds: elephant birds.

Shanghai: the largest city of China; located in the east on the Pacific; one of the largest ports in the world.

Halibut: marine food fish of the northern Atlantic or northern Pacific; the largest flatfish and one of the largest teleost fishes.

In Flight: flying through the air.

Toronto: the provincial capital and largest city in Ontario (and the largest city in Canada).

Ballooning: flying in a balloon.

Pterodactyl: extinct flying reptile.

Spray: a quantity of small objects flying through the air.

Wing: a movable organ for flying (one of a pair).

Westernisation: assimilation of Western culture; the social process of becoming familiar with or converting to the customs and practices of Western civilization.

Cockpit: compartment where the pilot sits while flying the aircraft.

Air Lane: a designated route followed by airplanes in flying from one airport to another.

Aerodontalgia: pain in the teeth that results from a change in air pressure (as in flying or mountain climbing).

Flying Saucer: an (apparently) flying object whose nature is unknown; especially those considered to have extraterrestrial origins.

Strafe: an attack of machine-gun fire or cannon fire from a low flying airplane.

Aurora Australis: the aurora of the southern hemisphere.

Southern Hemisphere: the hemisphere to the south of the equator.

Herring Gull: large gull of the northern hemisphere.

Pegasus: (Greek mythology) the immortal winged horse that sprang from the blood of the slain Medusa; was tamed by Bellerophon with the help of a bridle given him by Athena; as the flying horse of the Muses it is a symbol of highflying imagination.

Crux: a small conspicuous constellation in the southern hemisphere in the Milky Way near Centaurus.