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Configuration meaning in Urdu

Configuration Sentence

The outcome depends on the configuration of influences at the time.

Configuration Synonyms


Configuration Definitions

1 of 2) Configuration, Constellation : ترتیب : (noun) an arrangement of parts or elements.

2 of 2) Configuration, Conformation, Contour, Form, Shape : وضع, ساخت, بناوٹ : (noun) any spatial attributes (especially as defined by outline).

Useful Words

Constellation : تاروں کا جھرمٹ , Configurational : ترتیبی , Complete : پورا کرنا , Contrivance : اختراع , Composing : ترتیب , Compound : مرکب , Whole : پورا , Asymmetric : غیر متناسب , Break Down : اجزا علیحدہ کرنا , Cohere : یکجا رہنا , Computer Architecture : کمپیوٹر کا فن تعمیر , Streamline : بہتر کرنا , Contour Map : ارتفاعی نقشہ , Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev : روس کا کیمیا دان , Alloy : دو یا چند دھاتوں کا مرکب , Complex Conjugate : مساوی عدد , Subdivider : ذیلی تقسیم کار , Western : مغربی , Bronze : کانسی , Scorpio : عقرب , Rearrange : دوبارہ ترتیب دینا , Design : منصوبہ , Array : ترتیب , Rearrangement : ترتیب نو , Crux : جنوبی صلیب , Agitate : ہلچل پیدا کرنا , Attitude : وضع , Negociate : گفت و شنید کرنا , Commute : ردو بدل کرنا , Trim : ترتیب , Cancellation : تنسیخ

Useful Words Definitions

Constellation: a configuration of stars as seen from the earth.

Configurational: of or relating to or characterized by configuration.

Complete: bring to a whole, with all the necessary parts or elements.

Contrivance: an artificial or unnatural or obviously contrived arrangement of details or parts etc.

Composing: the spatial property resulting from the arrangement of parts in relation to each other and to the whole.

Compound: a whole formed by a union of two or more elements or parts.

Whole: all of something including all its component elements or parts.

Asymmetric: characterized by asymmetry in the spatial arrangement or placement of parts or components.

Break Down: separate (substances) into constituent elements or parts.

Cohere: have internal elements or parts logically connected so that aesthetic consistency results.

Computer Architecture: the art of assembling logical elements into a computing device; the specification of the relation between parts of a computer system.

Streamline: contour economically or efficiently.

Contour Map: a map having contour lines through points of equal elevation.

Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev: Russian chemist who developed a periodic table of the chemical elements and predicted the discovery of several new elements (1834-1907).

Alloy: a mixture containing two or more metallic elements or metallic and nonmetallic elements usually fused together or dissolving into each other when molten.

Complex Conjugate: either of two complex numbers whose real parts are identical and whose imaginary parts differ only in sign.

Subdivider: someone who divides parts into smaller parts (especially a divider of land into building sites).

Western: relating to or characteristic of the western parts of the world or the West as opposed to the eastern or oriental parts.

Bronze: an alloy of copper and tin and sometimes other elements; also any copper-base alloy containing other elements in place of tin.

Scorpio: a large zodiacal constellation between Libra and Sagittarius.

Rearrange: put into a new order or arrangement.

Design: an arrangement scheme.

Array: an orderly arrangement.

Rearrangement: changing an arrangement.

Crux: a small conspicuous constellation in the southern hemisphere in the Milky Way near Centaurus.

Agitate: change the arrangement or position of.

Attitude: the arrangement of the body and its limbs.

Negociate: discuss the terms of an arrangement.

Commute: change the order or arrangement of.

Trim: a state of arrangement or appearance.

Cancellation: the act of cancelling; calling off some arrangement.

Related Words

Keenness : دھار کی تیزی , Spatial Property : فضائی , Concaveness : مقعریت , Convexity : ابھار , Redundancy : فالتو نقل جو اصل کے خراب ہونے پر استعمال ہو سکے

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