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Confounding meaning in Urdu

Confounding Synonym

Confounding in Detail

1) Confounding, Contradictory : پیچیدہ : (satellite adjective) that confounds or contradicts or confuses.

Useful Words

Paradox : الٹی بات : (logic) a statement that contradicts itself. "`I always lie' is a paradox because if it is true it must be false".

Contradictorily : تضاد کے ساتھ : in a contradictory manner. "He argued contradictorily".

Bedevil, Befuddle, Confound, Confuse, Discombobulate, Fox, Fuddle, Throw : پریشان کرنا : be confusing or perplexing to; cause to be unable to think clearly. "Your question bedevils me".

Confuse, Disconcert, Flurry, Put Off : پریشان کرنا : cause to feel embarrassment. "The constant attention of the young man confused her".

Belie, Contradict, Negate : متصادم ہونا : be in contradiction with. "Contradict of statement".