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1 of 2) Confront, Face : مقابلہ کرنا : (verb) oppose, as in hostility or a competition.

When Kashmiri citizens try to confront the atrocities of the Indian army, a large number of Kashmiri citizens get to see the massacre.
He confronted me.+ More

2 of 2) Confront, Face, Face Up : کسی چیز کا مقابلہ کرنا, سامنا کرنا : (verb) deal with (something unpleasant) head on.

You must confront your problems.

Useful Words

Defy : مزاحمت کرنا , Countenance : چہرہ , Hijab : حجاب , Confrontation : ٹکراو , Ill-Favored : بدصورت , Sad-Faced : غمگین چہرا , Moon-Faced : گول شکل والا , Brave : جراتمندی سے سامنا کرنا , Facade : کسی عمارت کے سامنے کا حصہ , Brow : پیشانی , Beardless : چہرہ پر بال نہ ہونا , Prone : منہ جھکا کے لیٹنا , Cream : کریم لگانا , Pudding Face : بڑا سا منہ , Complexion : چہرے کی رنگت , Brazen : ڈٹ کر سامنا کرنا , Face Reading : چہرہ پڑھنے کا عمل , Lave : منھ دہونا , Resupine : الٹا , Cheek : رخسار , Discouragement : ناامیدی , Deep-Eyed : دھنسی ہوئی آنکھیں , Mop : منہ بنانا , Staunchness : ثابت قدمی , Coolness : بے حسی , Defencelessness : بیکسی , Countenance : حلیہ , Cliff : چٹان , Barber's Itch : ایک قسم کی بیماری , Head Covering : حجاب , Aspect : تاثر

Useful Words Definitions

Defy: resist or confront with resistance.

Countenance: the human face (`kisser` and `smiler` and `mug` are informal terms for `face` and `phiz` is British).

Hijab: a headscarf worn by Muslim women; conceals the hair and neck and usually has a face veil that covers the face.

Confrontation: a hostile disagreement face-to-face.

Ill-Favored: usually used of a face.

Sad-Faced: having a face with a sad expression.

Moon-Faced: having a round face.

Brave: face and withstand with courage.

Facade: the face or front of a building.

Brow: the part of the face above the eyes.

Beardless: lacking hair on the face.

Prone: lying face downward.

Cream: put on cream, as on one`s face or body.

Pudding Face: a large fat human face.

Complexion: the coloring of a person`s face.

Brazen: face with defiance or impudence.

Face Reading: act of reading human face.

Lave: wash one's face and hands.

Resupine: lying face upward.

Cheek: either side of the face below the eyes.

Discouragement: the feeling of despair in the face of obstacles.

Deep-Eyed: characteristic of the bony face of a cadaver.

Mop: make a sad face and thrust out one`s lower lip.

Staunchness: loyalty in the face of trouble and difficulty.

Coolness: fearless self-possession in the face of danger.

Defencelessness: the property of being helpless in the face of attack.

Countenance: the appearance conveyed by a person`s face.

Cliff: a steep high face of rock.

Barber's Itch: fungal infection of the face and neck.

Head Covering: a garment that covers the head and face.

Aspect: the feelings expressed on a person`s face.

Related Words

Encounter : کھیل میں مقابلہ کرنا , Approach : کرنے کو آمادہ ہونا , Tackle : نمٹنا

Confront in Book Titles

A Better Country: Why America was Right to Confront Iraq.
Cooperatives Confront Capitalism: Challenging the Neoliberal Economy.

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