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1. Conjuration, Incantation : جادو - جادو ٹونا : (Noun) A ritual recitation of words or sounds believed to have a magical effect.

Charm, Magic Spell, Magical Spell, Spell - a verbal formula believed to have magical force.

2. Conjuration, Conjuring, Conjury, Invocation : جادو گر ی : (Noun) Calling up a spirit or devil.

Magic, Thaumaturgy - any art that invokes supernatural powers.

3. Conjuration, Conjuring Trick, Deception, Illusion, Legerdemain, Magic, Magic Trick, Thaumaturgy, Trick : شعبدہ بازی - جادو گری : (Noun) An illusory feat; considered magical by naive observers.

Prestidigitation, Sleight Of Hand - manual dexterity in the execution of tricks.

Calling, Career, Vocation - کام - the particular occupation for which you are trained; "He is good in his vocation".

Daemon, Daimon, Demon, Devil, Fiend - آسیب - an evil supernatural being; "her daughter was possessed by a demon".

Effect, Impression - تاثر - an outward appearance; "he made a good impression".

Have, Rich Person, Wealthy Person - مالدار شخص - a person who possesses great material wealth.

Charming, Magic, Magical, Sorcerous, Witching, Wizard, Wizardly - جادو - possessing or using or characteristic of or appropriate to supernatural powers; "charming incantations".

Drill, Exercise, Practice, Practice Session, Recitation - دہرانا - systematic training by multiple repetitions; "practice makes perfect".

Rite, Ritual - رسم - any customary observance or practice; "I don`t like Ritual of Henna".

Sound - آواز - the particular auditory effect produced by a given cause; "Voice isn`t getting through".

Spirit - نیت - a fundamental emotional and activating principle determining one's character.

Up - اٹھانا - raise; "up the ante".

Word - لفظ - a unit of language that native speakers can identify; "words are the blocks from which sentences are made".

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