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1 of 2) Consistence, Consistency : ہم آہنگی : (noun) a harmonious uniformity or agreement among things or parts.

2 of 2) Consistence, Body, Consistency, Eubstance : پیوستگی : (noun) the property of holding together and retaining its shape.

Useful Words

Concord : ہم آہنگی , Cohere : یکجا رہنا , Condition : بیان کرنا , Bodily Fluid : رطوبت , Diplegia : سن ہونا , Clean : صاف کرنا , Prolapse : جگہ سے پھسلنا , Masseur : مالش کرنے والا , Unevenness : اونچا نیچا پن , Limbus : کنارہ , Heterology : اعضاء کی نا اتفاقی , Assorted : مختلف , Bursa : گلٹی , Coalescence : اتصال , Massage : مساج , Massager : مالش کرنے والا , Hot-Water Bag : گرم پانی کا تھیلا , Stridulation : چرچراہٹ , Hair : بال , Consonance : الفاظ میں ہم آہنگی , T.B. : تپ دق , Cancer : سرطان , Euphony : خوش صوتی , Accommodating : فراخ دل , Peace : امن , Compatible : ہم آہنگ , Palpation : جسمانی جانچ کا عمل , Compatibility : ہم آہنگی , Coordination : ہم آہنگی , Honeymoon : ابتدائی عمدہ دور , Hansen's Disease : کوڑھ

Useful Words Definitions

Concord: a harmonious state of things in general and of their properties (as of colors and sounds); congruity of parts with one another and with the whole.

Cohere: have internal elements or parts logically connected so that aesthetic consistency results.

Condition: specify as a condition or requirement in a contract or agreement; make an express demand or provision in an agreement.

Bodily Fluid: the liquid parts of the body.

Diplegia: paralysis of corresponding parts on both sides of the body.

Clean: clean one's body or parts thereof, as by washing.

Prolapse: slip or fall out of place, as of body parts.

Masseur: a male massager who rubs or kneads parts of the body.

Unevenness: the quality of being uneven and lacking uniformity.

Limbus: a border or edge of any of various body parts distinguished by color or structure.

Heterology: (biology) the lack of correspondence of apparently similar body parts.

Assorted: of many different kinds purposefully arranged but lacking any uniformity.

Bursa: a small fluid-filled sac located between movable parts of the body especially at joints.

Coalescence: the union of diverse things into one body or form or group; the growing together of parts.

Massage: kneading and rubbing parts of the body to increase circulation and promote relaxation.

Massager: someone who rubs or kneads parts of the body to stimulate circulation and promote relaxation.

Hot-Water Bag: a stoppered receptacle (usually made of rubber) that is to be filled with hot water and used for warming a bed or parts of the body.

Stridulation: a shrill grating or chirping noise made by some insects by rubbing body parts together.

Hair: a covering for the body (or parts of it) consisting of a dense growth of threadlike structures (as on the human head); helps to prevent heat loss.

Consonance: the property of sounding harmonious.

T.B.: infection transmitted by inhalation or ingestion of tubercle bacilli and manifested in fever and small lesions (usually in the lungs but in various other parts of the body in acute stages).

Cancer: any malignant growth or tumor caused by abnormal and uncontrolled cell division; it may spread to other parts of the body through the lymphatic system or the blood stream.

Euphony: any agreeable (pleasing and harmonious) sounds.

Accommodating: helpful in bringing about a harmonious adaptation.

Peace: harmonious relations; freedom from disputes.

Compatible: able to exist and perform in harmonious or agreeable combination.

Palpation: a method of examination in which the examiner feels the size or shape or firmness or location of something (of body parts when the examiner is a health professional).

Compatibility: capability of existing or performing in harmonious or congenial combination.

Coordination: the regulation of diverse elements into an integrated and harmonious operation.

Honeymoon: the early (usually calm and harmonious) period of a relationship; business or political.

Hansen's Disease: chronic granulomatous communicable disease occurring in tropical and subtropical regions; characterized by inflamed nodules beneath the skin and wasting of body parts; caused by the bacillus Mycobacterium leprae.

Related Words

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