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Contemplative meaning in Urdu

Contemplative Synonyms


Contemplative Definitions

2 of 2) Contemplative : متفکر : (noun) a person devoted to the contemplative life.

Useful Words

Retrospectively : گزشتہ زمانے پر نظر ڈالتے ہوئے , Dark : بد مزاج , Meditatively : فکر مندی سے , Contemplation : غور و فکر , Melancholy : غمگینی , Attentive : توجہ دینے والا , Neck-Deep : ڈوبا ہوا ہونا , Embed : جمانا , Bound Up : مست , Bury : ڈالنا , Penetratingly : تیز فہمی سے , Fast Asleep : گہری نیند میں سویا ہوا , Disturb : پریشان کرنا , Soundly : پوری طرح , Devout : دین دار , Chew Over : غور کرنا , Agitated : بے چین , Instinct : بھرا , Bemused : مدحوش , Bong : بجنا , Distraught : مخبوط الحواس , Engrave : نقش کرنا , Nightmare : ڈراونا خواب , Lacerate : دل آزاری کرنا , Well-Read : عالم , Flagitious : وحشیانہ , Shallow : ہلکا , Poignance : شدت , Astuteness : دانائی , Cogitate : غور و فکر کرنا , Acer Japonicum : جاپانی میپل

Useful Words Definitions

Retrospectively: in a manner contemplative of past events.

Dark: showing a brooding ill humor.

Meditatively: in a meditative manner.

Contemplation: a long and thoughtful observation.

Melancholy: a feeling of thoughtful sadness.

Attentive: taking heed; giving close and thoughtful attention.

Neck-Deep: deeply involved.

Embed: fix or set securely or deeply.

Bound Up: deeply devoted to.

Bury: embed deeply.

Penetratingly: with ability to see into deeply.

Fast Asleep: sleeping deeply.

Disturb: move deeply.

Soundly: deeply or completely.

Devout: deeply religious.

Chew Over: reflect deeply on a subject.

Agitated: troubled emotionally and usually deeply.

Instinct: (followed by `with')deeply filled or permeated.

Bemused: deeply absorbed in thought.

Bong: ring loudly and deeply.

Distraught: deeply agitated especially from emotion.

Engrave: impress or affect deeply.

Nightmare: a terrifying or deeply upsetting dream.

Lacerate: deeply hurt the feelings of; distress.

Well-Read: well informed or deeply versed through reading.

Flagitious: extremely wicked, deeply criminal.

Shallow: not deep or strong; not affecting one deeply.

Poignance: a state of deeply felt distress or sorrow.

Astuteness: the intellectual ability to penetrate deeply into ideas.

Cogitate: consider carefully and deeply; reflect upon; turn over in one's mind.

Acer Japonicum: leaves deeply incised and bright red in autumn; Japan.

Related Words

Individual : شخص , Thoughtful : غور و فکر کے ساتھ