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Conversion meaning in Urdu

Conversion Sentence

Conversion from Fahrenheit to Centigrade.

Conversion Definitions

1) Conversion : تبدیلی : (noun) a change in the units or form of an expression:.


Useful Words

Dramatisation : ڈرامے بازی , Anxiety Hysteria : دماغی بیماری , Christianisation : عیسائی بنانے کا عمل , Block : منجمد کرنا , Liquefaction : پگھلاو کی حالت , Canalisation : نہر بنانے کا عمل , Air-Slake : ہوا لگانا , Affrication : فرک کاری , Afforestation : زمین کو جنگل بنانے کا عمل , Capital Of Syria : دمشق , Blurred : غیر واضع , Address : وضاحت کرنا , Make : ڈھالنا , Sentimentalism : جذباتیت , Transform : شکل بدل دینا , Changeable : تبدیل ہونے والا , Metamorphic : بدلنے والا , Cell : خلیہ , Pindaric : پنڈار کی غنائی نظموں کی طرز پر یا اس کا انداز , Changeless : بے تغیر , Aerial Firing : ہوائی فائرنگ , Sublimate : پگھلے بغیر بھاپ بن جانا , Reformation : مذہب وغیرہ کا سدھار , Motility : حرکت , Sense : فہم , Exchange : بدلنا , Eight-Fold : آٹھ گناہ , Five-Fold : پانچ جز والا , Septuple : سات گنا , Column : کالم , Ternary : تہرا

Useful Words Definitions

Dramatisation: conversion into dramatic form.

Anxiety Hysteria: a form of hysteria having features of both conversion disorder and anxiety neurosis.

Christianisation: conversion to Christianity.

Block: prohibit the conversion or use of (assets).

Liquefaction: the conversion of a solid or a gas into a liquid.

Canalisation: the production of a canal or a conversion to canals.

Air-Slake: alter by exposure to air with conversion at least in part to a carbonate.

Affrication: the conversion of a simple stop consonant into an affricate.

Afforestation: the conversion of bare or cultivated land into forest (originally for the purpose of hunting).

Capital Of Syria: an ancient city (widely regarded as the world`s oldest) and present capital and largest city of Syria; according to the New Testament, the Apostle Paul (then known as Saul) underwent a dramatic conversion on the road to Damascus.

Blurred: unclear in form or expression.

Address: act on verbally or in some form of artistic expression.

Make: change from one form into another.

Sentimentalism: the excessive expression of tender feelings, nostalgia, or sadness in any form.

Transform: change or alter in form, appearance, or nature.

Changeable: capable of or tending to change in form or quality or nature.

Metamorphic: characterized by metamorphosis or change in physical form or substance.

Cell: (biology) the basic structural and functional unit of all organisms; they may exist as independent units of life (as in monads) or may form colonies or tissues as in higher plants and animals.

Pindaric: an ode form used by Pindar; has triple groups of triple units.

Changeless: not subject or susceptible to change or variation in form or quality or nature.

Aerial Firing: Aerial firing refers to the act of discharging firearms into the air, typically in a celebratory manner. It involves firing guns, rifles, or other firearms into the sky, often as a form of expression during festivities, cultural events, or celebrations.

Sublimate: change or cause to change directly from a solid into a vapor without first melting.

Reformation: improvement (or an intended improvement) in the existing form or condition of institutions or practices etc.; intended to make a striking change for the better in social or political or religious affairs.

Motility: a change of position that does not entail a change of location.

Sense: the meaning of a word or expression; the way in which a word or expression or situation can be interpreted.

Exchange: change over, change around, as to a new order or sequence.

Eight-Fold: having eight units or components.

Five-Fold: having five units or components.

Septuple: having seven units or components.

Column: a line of units following one after another.

Ternary: having three units or components or elements.

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