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1 of 5) Cool : ٹھنڈ : (noun) the quality of being at a refreshingly low temperature.

The cool of early morning.

Related : Low Temperature : no presence of heat.


2 of 5) Cool, Chill, Cool Down : ٹھنڈا کرنا : (verb) make cool or cooler.

Related : Modify : cause to change; make different; cause a transformation.

3 of 5) Cool : سرد : (adjective) neither warm nor very cold; giving relief from heat.

A cool autumn day.
A cool room.+ More

Related : Temperature : the degree of hotness or coldness of a body or environment (corresponding to its molecular activity). Cold : having a low or inadequate temperature or feeling a sensation of coldness or having been made cold by e.g. ice or refrigeration. Air-Conditioned : cooled by air conditioning.

4 of 5) Cool, Aplomb, Assuredness, Poise, Sang-Froid : ضبط نفس, اطمینان, سکون : (noun) great coolness and composure under strain.

Related : Equanimity : steadiness of mind under stress.

5 of 5) Cool, Coolheaded, Nerveless : روکھا, اکھڑ, بے اعصاب؛ بے حس؛ کمزور؛ جذبات سے خالی : (satellite adjective) marked by calm self-control (especially in trying circumstances); unemotional.

Play it cool.
Keep cool.+ More

Related : Composed : serenely self-possessed and free from agitation especially in times of stress.

Cool in Idioms

A Cool Head : The ability to remain calm during stressful situations.

Useful Words

Air-Condition, Air-Cool : ہوا بہتر کرنے کا آلہ لگانا : equip with an apparatus for controlling the humidity and temperature. "Our house is not air-conditioned".

Calm, Calm Down, Chill Out, Cool It, Cool Off, Settle Down, Simmer Down : پر سکون ہو جانا : become quiet or calm, especially after a state of agitation. "Chill out and turn on ac".

Air, Air Out, Vent, Ventilate : ہوا لگانا : expose to cool or cold air so as to cool or freshen. "Ventilate the room".

Homeotherm, Homoiotherm, Homotherm : گرم خون والے جانور : an animal that has a body temperature that is relatively constant and independent of the environmental temperature. "Most mammals, including humans, as well as most birds are homeotherms".

Thermos, Thermos Bottle, Thermos Flask : تھرماس : vacuum flask that preserves temperature of hot or cold drinks.

Cold : سرد : having a low or inadequate temperature or feeling a sensation of coldness or having been made cold by e.g. ice or refrigeration. "The cold caught her".

Air Conditioner, Air Conditioning : ہوا ٹھنڈی کرنے کا آلہ : a system that keeps air cool and dry.

Clammy, Dank : سرد و چپچپا : unpleasantly cool and humid. "A clammy handshake".

Restrained, Reticent, Unemotional : معتدلانہ انداز سے : cool and formal in manner.

Agropyron, Genus Agropyron : سرد گھاس : perennial grasses of temperate and cool regions: wheatgrass; dog grass.

Ice Bag, Ice Pack : برف کا تھیلا : a waterproof bag filled with ice: applied to the body (especially the head) to cool or reduce swelling.

Coolant : ٹھنڈا کرنے والا مادہ : a fluid agent (gas or liquid) that produces cooling; especially one used to cool a system by transferring heat away from one part to another. "He added more coolant to the car's radiator".

Angleworm, Crawler, Dew Worm, Earthworm, Fishing Worm, Fishworm, Nightcrawler, Nightwalker, Red Worm, Wiggler : کیچوا : terrestrial worm that burrows into and helps aerate soil; often surfaces when the ground is cool or wet; used as bait by anglers.

Menthol : جوہر پودینہ : a crystalline compound that has the cool and minty taste and odor that occurs naturally in peppermint oil; used as a flavoring and in medicine to relieve itching, pain, and nasal congestion.

Dew : شبنم : water that has condensed on a cool surface overnight from water vapor in the air. "In the morning the grass was wet with dew".

Thermometry : حرارت پیمائی : the measurement of temperature.

Simmer : کم حرارت پر ابالنا : boil slowly at low temperature. "Simmer the sauce".

Hypothermia : جسمانی درجہ حرارت کا نارمل سے گرنا : subnormal body temperature.

Normothermia : نارمل جسمانی درجہ حرارت : normal body temperature.

Simmer : حرارت ابلنے کے قریب ہونا : temperature just below the boiling point. "The stew remained at a simmer for hours".

Air-Condition : ہوا بہتر کرنا : control the humidity and temperature of. "The room was cool because it had been air-conditioned".

Heating, Warming : گرمی : the process of becoming warmer; a rising temperature.

Freezing Point, Melting Point : نقطہ انجماد : the temperature below which a liquid turns into a solid.

Pyrectic, Pyrogen : بخار پیدا کرنے والا : any substance that can cause a rise in body temperature.

Rankine : درجہ حرارت کی ایک پیمائش : a unit of temperature on the Rankine scale.

Warm Up : کوئی مشین چل اکر گرم کرنا : run until the normal working temperature is reached. "He warmed up the car for a few minutes".

Absolute Temperature : مطلق درجہ حرارت : temperature measured on the absolute scale.

Hot Spring, Thermal Spring : گرم پانی کا چشمہ : a natural spring of water at a temperature of 70 F or above. "A hot spring erupts and splashes over rocks".

Chilling, Cooling, Temperature Reduction : سردی : the process of becoming cooler; a falling temperature.

Lukewarmness, Tepidity, Tepidness : نیم گرمی : a warmness resembling the temperature of the skin.

Boil, Boiling Point : ابلنا : the temperature at which a liquid boils at sea level. "They brought the water to a boil".