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Cooling meaning in Urdu

Cooling Synonyms

Cooling Definitions

1) Cooling, Chilling, Temperature Reduction : سردی : (noun) the process of becoming cooler; a falling temperature.


Useful Words

Frigorific : جمانے والا , Infrigidation : انجماد کاری , Curing : جمود , Defervescence : وہ وقفہ جس میں بخار میں کمی ہو رہی ہوتی ہے , Homeotherm : گرم خون والے جانور , Heating : گرمی , Isothermal : ہم حرارت , Cooler : ٹھنڈا کرنے والا , Sea Breeze : سمندری ٹھنڈی ہوا , Congealed : جماہوا , Coolant : ٹھنڈا کرنے والا مادہ , Pearlite : سنگ مروارید , Liquid Oxygen : راکٹوں میں استعمال ہونے والی آکسیجن , Thermometry : حرارت پیمائی , Air-Condition : ہوا بہتر کرنا , Simmer : کم حرارت پر ابالنا , Hypothermia : جسمانی درجہ حرارت کا نارمل سے گرنا , Normothermia : نارمل جسمانی درجہ حرارت , Cool : ٹھنڈ , Freezing Point : نقطہ انجماد , Absolute Temperature : مطلق درجہ حرارت , Pyrectic : بخار پیدا کرنے والا , Rankine : درجہ حرارت کی ایک پیمائش , Lukewarmness : نیم گرمی , Boil : ابلنا , Hot Spring : گرم پانی کا چشمہ , Warm Up : کوئی مشین چل اکر گرم کرنا , Acclimation : ہم آہنگی , Steam : بھاپ , Unsaturated : گھلانے کی طاقت رکھنے والا , Solid : ٹھوس

Useful Words Definitions

Frigorific: causing cold; cooling or chilling.

Infrigidation: the process of cooling or freezing (e.g., food) for preservative purposes.

Curing: the process of becoming hard or solid by cooling or drying or crystallization.

Defervescence: abatement of a fever as indicated by a reduction in body temperature.

Homeotherm: an animal that has a body temperature that is relatively constant and independent of the environmental temperature.

Heating: the process of becoming warmer; a rising temperature.

Isothermal: of a process or change taking place at constant temperature.

Cooler: a refrigerator for cooling liquids.

Sea Breeze: a cooling breeze from the sea (during the daytime).

Congealed: congealed into jelly; solidified by cooling.

Coolant: a fluid agent (gas or liquid) that produces cooling; especially one used to cool a system by transferring heat away from one part to another.

Pearlite: a lamellar mixture of cementite and ferrite formed during the cooling of austenite; a constituent of steel and cast iron.

Liquid Oxygen: a bluish translucent magnetic liquid obtained by compressing gaseous oxygen and then cooling it below its boiling point; used as an oxidizer in rocket propellants.

Thermometry: the measurement of temperature.

Air-Condition: control the humidity and temperature of.

Simmer: boil slowly at low temperature.

Hypothermia: subnormal body temperature.

Normothermia: normal body temperature.

Cool: the quality of being at a refreshingly low temperature.

Freezing Point: the temperature below which a liquid turns into a solid.

Absolute Temperature: temperature measured on the absolute scale.

Pyrectic: any substance that can cause a rise in body temperature.

Rankine: a unit of temperature on the Rankine scale.

Lukewarmness: a warmness resembling the temperature of the skin.

Boil: the temperature at which a liquid boils at sea level.

Hot Spring: a natural spring of water at a temperature of 70 F or above.

Warm Up: run until the normal working temperature is reached.

Acclimation: adaptation to a new climate (a new temperature or altitude or environment).

Steam: water at boiling temperature diffused in the atmosphere.

Unsaturated: not saturated; capable of dissolving more of a substance at a given temperature.

Solid: matter that is solid at room temperature and pressure.

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