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1 of 4) Corner, Tree : گھیرنا : (verb) force a person or an animal into a position from which he cannot escape.

He cornered me.

2 of 4) Corner, Nook : کونا : (noun) an interior angle formed by two meeting walls.

A piano was in one corner of the room.

3 of 4) Corner, Street Corner, Turning Point : نکڑ : (noun) the intersection of two streets.

Standing on the corner watching all the girls go by.

4 of 4) Corner, Niche, Recess, Recession : خلا, خالی جگہ : (noun) a small concavity.

Useful Words

Truncate : کاٹنا , Dog-Ear : نشانی کے طور پہ کتاب کے ورق کا کونا موڑنا , Cornerstone : کونیا پتھر , Gingko : چینی درخت پنکھے کے جیسے پتوں والا , Ailanthus Altissima : چین میں پایا جانے والا ایک درخت جو تیزی سے بڑھتا ہے , Retreat : فوج کا شکست کے بعد واپس آجانے کا عمل , Beggary : گداگری , Cross Street : وہ گلی جو دوسری گلی سے گزرے , Mugger : لٹیرا , Dislodge : نکال دینا , Winkle Out : ہٹانا , No Confidence Motion : تحریک عدم اعتماد , Bump : بیدخل کرنا , Despatch : مارنا , Killer : قاتل , Capture : گرفتاری , Stayer : باقی رہنے والا , Agility : چستی؛ تیزی؛ پھرتی؛ سبک رفتاری , Lissomeness : پھرتیلا پن , Freak : غیر معمولی انسان یا حیوان , Skinner : جانوروں کی کھال فروش , Ritual Killing : قربانی , Body : لاش , Animal Nature : فطرت حیوانی , Dentition : دانت , Transmitter : منتقل کرنے والا , Force : زبردستی کرنا , Appointee : مامور , Kneeler : گھٹنوں کے بل جھکہ ہوا , Confirm : حمایت کرنا , Trace : نقش

Useful Words Definitions

Truncate: replace a corner by a plane.

Dog-Ear: a corner of a page turned down to mark your place.

Cornerstone: a stone at the outer corner of two intersecting masonry walls.

Gingko: deciduous dioecious Chinese tree having fan-shaped leaves and fleshy yellow seeds; exists almost exclusively in cultivation especially as an ornamental street tree.

Ailanthus Altissima: deciduous rapidly growing tree of China with foliage like sumac and sweetish fetid flowers; widely planted in United States as a street tree because of its resistance to pollution.

Retreat: (military) withdrawal of troops to a more favorable position to escape the enemy's superior forces or after a defeat.

Beggary: a solicitation for money or food (especially in the street by an apparently penniless person).

Cross Street: a street intersecting a main street (usually at right angles) and continuing on both sides of it.

Mugger: a robber who takes property by threatening or performing violence on the person who is robbed (usually on the street).

Dislodge: remove or force out from a position.

Winkle Out: force from a place or position.

No Confidence Motion: This is a statement or vote about a person in a position of responsibility wheather he or she is fit to hold that position or not, usually this vote is used against powerful people or group.

Bump: remove or force from a position of dwelling previously occupied.

Despatch: killing a person or animal.

Killer: someone who causes the death of a person or animal.

Capture: the act of taking of a person by force.

Stayer: a person or other animal having powers of endurance or perseverance.

Agility: the gracefulness of a person or animal that is quick and nimble.

Lissomeness: the gracefulness of a person or animal that is flexible and supple.

Freak: a person or animal that is markedly unusual or deformed.

Skinner: a person who prepares or deals in animal skins.

Ritual Killing: the act of killing (an animal or person) in order to propitiate a deity.

Body: a natural object consisting of a dead animal or person.

Animal Nature: the physical (or animal) side of a person as opposed to the spirit or intellect.

Dentition: the kind and number and arrangement of teeth (collectively) in a person or animal.

Transmitter: any agent (person or animal or microorganism) that carries and transmits a disease.

Force: urge or force (a person) to an action; constrain or motivate.

Appointee: a person who is appointed to a job or position.

Kneeler: a person in a kneeling position.

Confirm: support a person for a position.

Trace: a visible mark (as a footprint) left by the passage of person or animal or vehicle.

Related Words

Building : عمارت , Carrefour : چوراہا , Concave Shape : دبی ہوئی شکل , Channelise : راہ دکھانا

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