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Covert meaning in Urdu

Covert Sentences

The brush provided a covert for game.
A woman covert.

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Covert in Detail

1 of 3) Covert : خفیہ, پوشیدہ : (adjective) secret or hidden; not openly practiced or engaged in or shown or avowed.

Covert actions by the CIA.
Covert funding for the rebels.

Related : Inexplicit : implied though not directly expressed; inherent in the nature of something. Furtive : secret and sly or sordid. Underground : conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods.


2 of 3) Covert, Concealment, Cover, Screen : آڑ : (noun) a covering that serves to conceal or shelter something.

3 of 3) Covert : بیوی کا میاں کی پناہ میں ہونا : (satellite adjective) (of a wife) being under the protection of her husband.

Related : Law : the collection of rules imposed by authority.

Useful Words

Covertness, Hiddenness : اخفاء : the state of being covert and hidden. "Covertness of this plan is must".

Subterranean, Subterraneous, Ulterior : درپردہ : lying beyond what is openly revealed or avowed (especially being kept in the background or deliberately concealed). "Subterranean motives for murder".

Cabalistic, Cryptic, Cryptical, Kabbalistic, Qabalistic, Sibylline : مخفی : having a secret or hidden meaning. "Cabalistic symbols engraved in stone".

Open, Overt : کھلا اور دیکھنے کے لائق : open and observable; not secret or hidden. "An overt lie".

Covertly : خفیہ طور پر : in a covert manner. "He was hired in water board but never been there and kept receiving payoffs covertly".

Social Contract : معاشرتی سمجہوتا : an implicit agreement among people that results in the organization of society; individual surrenders liberty in return for protection.

Lurcher, Lurker, Skulker : گھات لگانے والا : someone waiting in concealment.

Outright : واضح طور پر : without reservation or concealment. "She asked him outright for a divorce".

Emerge : ظاہر ہونا : come out into view, as from concealment. "Suddenly, the proprietor emerged from his office".

Aboveboard, Straightforward : دیانتدار : without concealment or deception; honest. "Their business was open and aboveboard".

Blatant, Blazing, Conspicuous : کھلم کھلا : without any attempt at concealment; completely obvious. "Blatant act of war crime".

Cover-Up : پردہ پوشی : concealment that attempts to prevent something scandalous from becoming public.

Action Officer : خفیہ افسر : the case officer designated to perform an act during a clandestine operation (especially in a hostile area).

Display, Exhibit, Showing : نمایش کرنا : something shown to the public. "The museum had many exhibits of oriental art".

Prove, Turn Out, Turn Up : ثابت کرنا : be shown or be found to be. "He gave my cousin a lift home, but it turned out that he had robbed someone and now police is saying I was the getaway car".

Arguably : قابل بحث طور پر : as can be shown by argument. "She is arguably the best".

Diagrammatic, Diagrammatical : شکلی : shown or represented by diagrams.

Cinema, Movie House, Movie Theater, Movie Theatre, Picture Palace : سینما : a theater where films are shown. "At the cinema".

Acclaim, Hail, Herald : سراہنا : extolment openly. "They had to herald his work".

In Secret, On The Q.T., On The Qt, Secretly : پوشیدہ طور پر : in secrecy; not openly. "Met secretly to discuss the invasion plans".

Secret, Unavowed : مخفی : not openly made known. "A secret marriage".

Avowed, Professed : اقراری : openly declared as such. "An avowed enemy".

Secretly : خفیہ طور پر : not openly; inwardly. "They were secretly delighted at his embarrassment".

Cira, Continuity Army Council, Continuity Irish Republican Army : آئرلینڈ کی جنگجو تنظیم : a terrorist organization formed in Ireland in 1994 as a clandestine armed wing of Sinn Fein.

Telefilm : فلم جو ٹیلی ویژن پر دکھانے کے لیے بنائی گئی ہو : a movie that is made to be shown on television.

Acumen, Insightfulness : سمجھ بوجھ : shrewdness shown by keen insight.

Accustomed, Customary, Habitual, Wonted : حسب معمول : commonly used or practiced; usual. "I have become habitual".

Health Facility, Healthcare Facility, Medical Building : ہسپتال : building where medicine is practiced.

Hiding : روپوشی : the state of being hidden. "He went into hiding".

Leery, Mistrustful, Suspicious, Untrusting, Wary : ناقابل اعتبار : openly distrustful and unwilling to confide.

Display : نمایش کرنا : exhibiting openly in public view. "A display of courage".