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Crab Grass meaning in Urdu

Crab Grass Synonyms

Crab Grass Definitions

1) Crab Grass, Crabgrass, Finger Grass : جنگلی گھاس : (noun) grasses with creeping stems that root freely; a pest in lawns.


Useful Words

Aleppo Grass : ایک لمبی گھاس , Turf : گھاس سے ڈھکی ہوئی زمین , Lawn Mower : گھاس کاٹنے کی مشین , Greensward : کارپیٹ گھاس , Agropyron : سرد گھاس , Agrostis Canina : عام گھاس , Agropyron Repens : یورپی گھاس , African Love Grass : جنوبی افریقی گھاس , Agrostis : گھاس , Aegilops : دو سری گھاس , Genus Vallisneria : سمندری گھاس , Grassless : بغیر گھاس کے , Grasslike : گھاس کی طرح , Grass : گھاس سے بھرا ہوا , Grassy : گھاس دار , Bur Grass : ایک قسم کی گھاس , Rye : رائی , Lawn : چمن , Hay : بھوسا , Haymaking : چارے کی کٹائی , Dell : گھاٹی , Tuft : گچھا , Lemon Grass : جزائر شرق الہند کی ایک گھاس , Clipper : باغبانی قینچی , Hayfield : سبزہ زار , Herbivore : سبزی خور , Creeping Soft Grass : نرم گھاس , Agropyron Smithii : ایک نایاب اور قیمتی امریکی گھاس , Haying : چارے کی کٹائی کا وقت , Arundo Richardii : نیوزیلینڈ میں پائی جانے والی گھاس , Arundinaria Gigantea : ایک قسم کی لمبی گھاس

Useful Words Definitions

Aleppo Grass: tall perennial grass that spreads by creeping rhizomes and is grown for fodder; naturalized in southern United States where it is a serious pest on cultivated land.

Turf: cover (the ground) with a surface layer of grass or grass roots.

Lawn Mower: garden tool for mowing grass on lawns.

Greensward: surface layer of ground containing a mat of grass and grass roots.

Agropyron: perennial grasses of temperate and cool regions: wheatgrass; dog grass.

Agrostis Canina: common grass with slender stems and narrow leaves.

Agropyron Repens: European grass spreading rapidly by creeping rhizomes; naturalized in North America as a weed.

African Love Grass: perennial South African grass having densely clumped flimsy stems; introduced into United States especially for erosion control.

Agrostis: annual or perennial grasses cosmopolitan in northern hemisphere: bent grass (so named from `bent` meaning an area of unfenced grassland).

Aegilops: goat grass.

Genus Vallisneria: eelgrass; eel grass.

Grassless: lacking grass.

Grasslike: resembling grass.

Grass: cover with grass.

Grassy: abounding in grass.

Bur Grass: a grass of the genus Cenchrus.

Rye: the seed of the cereal grass.

Lawn: a field of cultivated and mowed grass.

Hay: grass mowed and cured for use as fodder.

Haymaking: cutting grass and curing it to make hay.

Dell: A small valley usually covered with trees and grass..

Tuft: a bunch of hair or feathers or growing grass.

Lemon Grass: a tropical grass native to India and Sri Lanka.

Clipper: shears for cutting grass or shrubbery (often used in the plural).

Hayfield: a field where grass or alfalfa are grown to be made into hay.

Herbivore: any animal that feeds chiefly on grass and other plants.

Creeping Soft Grass: European perennial grass with soft velvety foliage.

Agropyron Smithii: valuable forage grass of western United States.

Haying: the season for cutting and drying and storing grass as fodder.

Arundo Richardii: tall grass of New Zealand grown for plumelike flower heads.

Arundinaria Gigantea: tall grass of southern United States growing in thickets.

Related Words

Grass : گھاس

Close Words

Crab : کیکڑا , Crab Apple : جنگلی سیب , Crab-Eating Dog : امریکہ کا جنگلی کتا , Crabbed : بد مزاج , Crabbedness : چڑچڑا پن , Crabwise : ایک جانب سے

Close Words Definitions

Crab: decapod with eyes situated on short stalks, characterized by a wide, flattened carapace and a compact abdomen tucked beneath the thorax, often featuring claws or pincers.

Crab Apple: any of numerous wild apple trees usually with small acidic fruit.

Crab-Eating Dog: wild dog of northern South America.

Crabbed: annoyed and irritable.

Crabbedness: a disposition to be ill-tempered.

Crabwise: (of movement) at an angle.

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